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Volcanoes In the Philippines


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Philippine Volcanoes

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Volcanoes In the Philippines

  2. 2. A MATTER OF FACT: Did you know that there are several volcanoes found in the Philippine archipelago distributed in several volcanic belts?
  3. 3. A volcanic belt is a large volcanically active region.
  4. 4. The most are the volcanoes which have short repose periods, namely MAYON, TAAL, BULUSAN, CANLAON, HIBOK-HIBOK, and PINATUBO volcanoes.
  5. 5. Agua Volcky HI!
  7. 7. World’s lowest volcano Located near the center of Taal lake in Batangas City Highest point, 311 m and crater covering area 235 Surrounded by fresh body of water 26 tuff cone Composed of 35 identified cones combined by several eruptions About 47 craters 1911 eruption completely devastated the whole volcano island claimed a toll of 1,034 lives
  9. 9. Lies in the Eastern portion of the province of Albay about 300 km Perfect cone and the most active volcano It reach up to 2,462 m above sea level and area of 250 Its circumference is 62.8 encompassing the town of Camalig, Malilipot and Sto. Domingo At least 43 eruptions
  11. 11. Located at the South Central part of Sorsogon Province Covers a surface area roughly 400 and towers to about 1559 m above the sea level Classified as composite volcano and made up of lava flows and domes Sometimes called volcanic belt
  12. 12. A composite volcano, also known as a stratovolcano, is a tall-conical volcano built up by many layers (strata) of hardened lava, tephra, pumice, and volcanic ash.
  13. 13. CANLAON
  14. 14. Large stratovolcano, located in the North Central portion of Negros Island It has an elevation of 2,435 m and basal diameter of 30 km The earliest record of Canlaon’s eruption dates back to 1866 and the latest in 1988
  15. 15. PINATUBO
  16. 16. A part of chain volcanoes which border the Western side of Luzon and lies in the Central portion of Zambales Range It towers about 1,745 m above the sea level Holds the records of the most violent and destructive eruptions in the country
  17. 17. Chain volcanoes are also known as the volcanic arc and is defined as volcanoes positioned in an arc
  18. 18. HIBOK-HIBOK
  19. 19. Located at the North Western end of Camiguin Island Latest eruption started in September 1948 and
  20. 20. EVALUATIO N
  21. 21. 1. Its best feature is having a perfect cone, and lies in the Eastern portion of Albay.
  22. 22. 2. It is the world’s lowest volcano and is surrounded by a fresh body of water.
  23. 23. 3. It is a term referring to a large volcanically active region.
  24. 24. 4. It has the record of having the most violent and destructive eruption in the country
  25. 25. 5. It is defined as volcanoes positioned in an arc shape.
  26. 26. 6. It is a tall-conical volcano built up by strata.
  27. 27. 7-10. Give at least 4 of the 6 most active volcanoes with short repose periods found in our country.
  28. 28. MOREIt’s F U N in the bye, bye!