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This presentation gives the viewer a basic idea about the Biblical place "Galatia". Paul wrote his first epistle to the churches in Galatia. If you go through this presentation, you will have a better understanding of the epistle to Galatians,

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  1. 1. Galatia Galatia was a Roman province in the first century.
  2. 2. Galatia Gomer was the founder of Galatia. Gomer is mentioned in Ezekiel 38:6
  3. 3. Galatia Galatia got its name from its inhabitants “Gauls” who inhabited the region. They spoke in Celtic language.
  4. 4. Galatia Galatians worshipped a Roman god named “Men” before Paul preached the gospel to them.
  5. 5. Galatia Octavian Augustus was the greatest emperor who ruled Galatia during the Roman regime
  6. 6. Galatia By the second century AD , due to greek cultural intrusion, the Galatians adopted Hellenized religion and even started speaking Greek
  7. 7. GALATIA • Paul visited the Galatian cities of Lystra, Derbe and Iconium during his first missionary journey. • In all the three cities, he suffered persecution. He was even stoned by the people there. • Paul had so much burden for the people of Galatia Ref : Acts 14th chapter
  8. 8. Galatia Judean Visitors from Antioch came to Galatia and preached a false gospel that they need to be circumcised. Ref: Acts 15:1 This infuriates Paul to write the epistle to the Galatians
  9. 9. Galatia • Now please read the six chapters of Galatians. • You will have a better grasp of the Epistle. A Research presentation by Prason Christopher Robin.