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Chromecast help call toll free 1 844-208-8890


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It looks like that the Google has finally been able to find out the right direction for the development of their media players for the giant screens, with Google Chromecast Ultra. This is that 4th member of the Chromecast family.

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Chromecast help call toll free 1 844-208-8890

  2. 2. Chromecast Equipment Now a days packaging has become very presentable. The Chromecast 2nd generation came packaged in a recycled cardboard box but you will get Chromecast Ultra in a civilian clothes box. The rest was same that the box contains like the device, power cord, and cardboard having some instructions printed on it.
  3. 3. Chromecast Design If we talk about the design of the Chromecast Ultra, it is almost similar to the 2nd generation Chromecast like small disk drive and an HDMI cable. The Chromecast Ultra comes in a circular shape with a glossy G printed on the edge of the device. The connector is mounted with a magnet so that it glued to the device’s bottom in its packed state.
  4. 4. There is micro USB slot opposite to HDMI cable, and next to it is a power indicator. One more thing that you will find here is Ethernet port, which is the one of major innovations that Chromecast Ultra has. The remote of the ultra needs to be managed with the help of other devices that are based on Android or IOS. You can use Chromecast Support for any kind of information regarding Chromecast Ultra.
  5. 5. How It Differs from 2nd Generation Chromecast The new Chromecast Ultra supports 4K and HDR resolution videos. Also, for more high speed and sustainability Chromecast Ultra comes with an Ethernet port. The download speed is also comparatively high in this device. The ultra can be connected to a power socket if required.
  6. 6. The price of 2nd generation Chromecast is $36 whereas Ultra will cost $69. But Chrome Cast Setup for all devices are almost same. If we come to price, then Ultra will cost you twice in comparison to 2nd generation Chromecast.
  7. 7. Connecting Chromecast There is nothing new in Chromecast Com Setup. You just have to connect Ultra to HDMI port of your TV, then turn it into a power socket, now switch on your TV to the desired channel and load it from Google Play or Apple App Store or business application on your smartphone device to communicate with that device. After getting started it will find included Ultra and make a connection with it and then connect it to local network.
  8. 8. Other Features You can duplicate your smartphone screen on your TV. It means whatever you will do on your phone, you can see it on the screen of your TV as well. Call us toll free for any query 1-844-208-8890