Chroda Engagement Surveys Overview


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Employee Engagement Surveys in Africa, CHRODA benchmarks engagement levels.

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Chroda Engagement Surveys Overview

  1. 1. CHRODA Centre for HR and Organisational Development in Africa Employee Engagement Surveys & Benchmarking An engaged workforce is more critical during the global economic downturn - than at any other time. How engaged is your workforce?
  2. 2. 2 Why Engage? Employee engagement can simply be described as the extent to which an individual is committed to stay in the organisation, and increase their effort towards performing. It is proven that enhanced engagement results in improved performance. ~ To what extent do your employees intend to stay with your organisation – and for how long? ~ Which of your employee groups is at higher risk of departure? ~ What is the performance propensity of your workforce - by employee group? ~ Which employee groups are inclined to go the extra mile, and which are not? ~ What is the generational mix of your workforce and how does this impact retention and performance? Through an engagement survey, you can answer these and more questions. Getting these answers puts your organisation in the position to be proactive about retention activities, and performance stimulation initiatives. Why Measure Engagement? A shrinking global economy, cost pressures, changing consumer patterns and service expectations. These are just some of the challenges facing business survival. Organisations are under more pressure to find ways to counter these challenges whilst still creating shareholder value. In response to these challenges, many initiatives designed to improve productivity, profits and shareholder value are implemented, often confusing and in many cases disempowering employees. But now more than ever, organisations need their employees to be on board. One of the most effective ways of addressing these challenges is to have a workforce that is ready, engaged and able to go the extra mile as well as stay with the organization and benefit from career and leadership development opportunities where they exist. Why CHRODA’s Engagement Survey? ~ Its what we do. Research entails extensive use of surveys, and CHRODA’s core focus is research. We have developed succinct survey instruments that are effective in gathering reliable and accurate data, our survey processes are tried and tested, and we use the most reliable and best practice deployment tools. In addition, all data is analysed by well-qualified and experienced research professionals so you can be guaranteed of quality products. ~ Deep Knowledge Base. We have an extensive knowledge base on all aspects of human capital management – including and most especially employee engagement. Our rich knowledge resources provide input into every stage of the engagement survey process – resulting in an engagement strategy built on sound proven principles. ~ Track record. We have extensive experience in conducting employee-based surveys; including climate surveys, staff satisfaction surveys, HR Service Surveys, and other workplace diagnostic surveys. This background puts us in a position to benchmark survey results with relative ease. Contact the Centre for HR and Organisational Development in Africa - CHRODA Plot 39A Gaborone International Commerce Park P.O. Box 26255 Game City, Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267-3170715 Fax: 3133849 CHRODA Email: Web: Centre for HR and Organisational Development in Africa
  3. 3. 3 Action Driven Measurement Methodology - How We Do It We believe in measurement that is followed up by immediate action, therefore our survey process is made up of four key steps – including the development of a strategy to improve engagement using CHRODA’s 3E Model. This model is an employee engagement enhancement model that includes key strategic initiatives, and engagement measures. The whole process from star t to finish is highly interactive and results in reports and solutions that are bespoke for your organisation. Pre- Survey Direct, frequent and open communication is essential to the success of any survey. Using our survey communication framework we work with you to develop a sound plan that will enhance employees desire to participate in the survey. This communication plan in fact runs through the duration of the survey, from pre-deployment, deployment, right through to presentation of the results of the survey. Employees are kept abreast every step of the way - ensuring their commitment to the process. Survey Deployment Making use of both electronic and paper based surveys - the 26 question survey instrument is deployed to all employees. The survey process is designed to assure anonymity - enhancing objectivity. For electronic survey completion, we make use of our online survey instrument through which responses are collected in real time. This reduces time spent collecting responses while more time is spent on analysis of results and planning for enhancing engagement. Reporting and Benchmarking Once the survey window has been closed, CHRODA’s research team analyses responses and produces a bespoke Employee Engagement Report - presenting results in the manner that best suits your industry, and organisation. You have a choice as to the level of detail your report will contain - from engagement results by job grade, employee level, age, or business unit, branch, department and so forth. Our main objective is to ensure the report works for your organisation - and therefore we do not produce off the shelf template reports. The results of the survey are used to calculate and set an index of engagement for your organisation, this index will allow tracking of engagement levels over time. Using this index, CHRODA is able to benchmark your engagement levels against peer organisations. Employee Engagement Enhance Strategy Using CHRODA’s 3E Model, we work with you to develop an employee engagement enhancement strategy. Our engagement model is based on the pillars of engagement, and incorporates initiatives of varying length and intensity - resulting in a strategy that incorporates both quick wins, and longer term activities. Conducting an engagement survey without a succinct action plan has more negative consequences than not conducting a survey at all. It is this stage therefore, that we deem to be the most important out of the whole process. Contact the Centre for HR and Organisational Development in Africa - CHRODA Plot 39A Gaborone International Commerce Park P.O. Box 26255 Game City, Gaborone, Botswana CHRODA Centre for HR and Organisational Tel: +267-3170715 Fax: 3133849 Development in Africa Email: Web:
  4. 4. 4 Enrolment Survey Enrolment Each participating organisation has a choice to enlist for a one or two-year survey program. The two year program allows you to track changes in engagement levels over a two-year period. The survey can be deployed up to twice in one year – at 6-month inter vals. In essence giving you four measurement points in two years. In so doing, your organisations engagement initiatives will follow the engagement patterns – allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your initiatives, as well as plan for any unforeseen changes in engagement levels. Most importantly, you can tie measurement of engagement into your performance measurement cycle and be better able to make the link between engagement and performance. About CHRODA The Centre for HR and Organisational Development (CHRODA) is a research and knowledge centre for Human Capital development and management. We focus our ef forts on conducting research activities that enable organisations to proactively enhance their human capital management and realise tangible progress in productivity. CHRODA services include: Surveys - Employee based sur veys - HR Ser vice Diagnostic HR Development - HR professionals 360 Competency Assessments - HR Business Partner Development Program - HR Executives’ Development Program For further information: To learn more about enrolment fees, our track record, and enlisting for our engagement surveys; or our other services, please contact us: Contact the Centre for HR and Organisational Development in Africa - CHRODA Plot 39A Gaborone International Commerce Park P.O. Box 26255 Game City, Gaborone, Botswana Tel: +267-3170715 Fax: 3133849 Email: Web: CHRODA Centre for HR and Organisational Development in Africa