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Tutorial on yearbook visual theme development

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  • Theme development begins with a concept, phrase or visual motif. To illustrate the process, the phrase “Once & For All” will be used. The theme is introduced on the cover with a theme logo that visuallyintroduces the message. The design elements used to create the theme logo are carried over and expanded on the endsheets. The endsheets literally hold the book together. The endsheet design does the same thing by connecting the theme to the book. If the yearbook budget doesn’t allow for printing on the endsheet, coordinate the endsheet color with the cover.
  • Theme Development

    1. 1. The Elements of Yearbook THEME: continuity & development
    2. 2. THEME development Design • Photography • Copy Workbook pages 1-2
    3. 3. THEME DEVELOPMENT Concept/theme Cover Endsheets Title/Last page Opening/Closing Divisions Sidebars
    4. 4. Verbal/Visual development Create a visual representation of your theme
    5. 5. Theme: no, really? 1. What font works with the tone? 2. Is the design clean & angular or grungy & skewed? 3. Are the colors bright or shaded (a mixture of black combined with a color to make it darker)?
    6. 6. Note graphic elements on cover Deconstructed edge 4 pictures (set at an angle) Partial quote bubble Handwritten type Clipped question mark
    7. 7. What do the visuals suggest? This school is for real Despite a temptation not to, people need to take them seriously
    8. 8. What graphic elements are repeated?
    9. 9. What graphic elements are repeated?
    10. 10. What graphic elements are repeated?
    11. 11. What graphic elements are repeated?
    12. 12. What graphic elements are repeated?
    13. 16. What graphic elements introduced? N
    14. 17. What graphic elements are repeated? Notice section spin-offs Students on cover identified here
    15. 18. What graphic elements are repeated?
    16. 19. What graphic elements are repeated?
    17. 20. What graphic elements are repeated?
    18. 21. What graphic elements are repeated?
    19. 22. PROJECT cover endsheet title page opening a little opening copy divider one spread from SL, Sports or Academics Spreads may be mocked-up or done on computer What graphic elements are repeated?
    20. 23. 99 tr in ity
    21. 24. Shapes, patterns & colors introduced on the cover define the sections
    22. 26. The opening repeats the diagonal line pattern & arrows introduced on the cover
    23. 27. The triangle is the Student Life visual motif
    24. 28. Triangles can be seen in headlines, folios & background design
    25. 29. The arrow pattern is used in sports
    26. 31. The conclusion brings the look full circle
    27. 41. This PowerPoint presentation was created by Balfour-Taylor Yearbooks, for educational purposes only. It is unlawful to remove or alter the Balfour logo without the permission of Balfour-Taylor Yearbooks Marketing Department. For more information, contact Mike Taylor, Education/Marketing Director at