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They Used to Be Our Best Teachers

An IGNITE presentation on pedagogy given at the February 2016 C21 Superintendent's Conference in Toronto, Ontario.

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They Used to Be Our Best Teachers

  1. 1. They used to be our best teachers February 23, 2016 Chris Kennedy, Superintendent/CEO
  2. 2. One of the highest performing systems in the world Students celebrate their school Ecole Cedardale getting a 10 out of 10 score on the newly released elementary school report card by the Fraser Institute. Photo Mike Wakefield Why should we change our practice?
  3. 3. Quiet classrooms = good classrooms
  4. 4. Kids in rows, regurgitating content
  5. 5. We celebrated teachers that taught this way
  6. 6. The Internet happened
  7. 7. Disrupted whole industries and professions
  8. 8. Conversation changed Creativity Collaboration Competencies
  9. 9. Also brought in new techniques Inquiry Cross- discipline Passion based projects
  10. 10. Some felt professional loss
  11. 11. Loss Opposition
  12. 12. Don’t have to be sick To get better
  13. 13. Good for kids?
  14. 14. New curriculum Changes in AP Program Organizational Approval We got help
  15. 15. Inquiry Technology
  16. 16. Shifting Practice