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Superintendent performance planning and review


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Outline of Superintendent Review Procedure - February 2011

Published in: Education, Technology

Superintendent performance planning and review

  1. 1. Superintendent Performance Planning and Review February 1, 2011
  2. 2. Procedure The Board and Superintendent shall implement the BCSTA’s Performance Planning and Review for School Superintendents model appended hereto as Schedule “C”. The performance review shall be reasonably related to the goals and objectives established by the Board and to the duties assigned to the Superintendent.
  3. 3. Goal #1 Educational Excellence – Be global leaders in the use of technology toenhance teaching and learning  Expand supports for just-in-time teacher training leading to an increase in the number of teachers who feel comfortable using technology  Develop meaningful structures for parents to engage in their students learning and school / district community. This can include online forms, collaborative school websites and access to student learning. Take steps to bring parents into the schools through technology in new and innovative ways (text messaging, alerts, e- forms, collaborative web spaces, etc).  Provide access for students to 21st century tools that include communication (email) collaboration (instant messaging) and the first student based dashboard / portfolio to archive, highlight and present student learning over time.  Support / encourage / develop school leaders to align school and educational leadership with technology leadership
  4. 4. Goal #2 System Sustainability – Continue to attract and retain high qualitystaff, develop plans for succession and support and promote work-life balance Enshrine an ongoing teacher leadership program open to any interested teachers and administrators as part of “what we do” in West Vancouver Establish clear roles for each member of an expanded District Leadership Team Enhance opportunities available to WVMEA members for ongoing training Develop a new teacher mentorship program to support teachers new to the profession and new to their roles Formalize administrator growth plan model seeing administrators share progress on a monthly basis as part of principal and vice- principal meetings. Administrators would also submit plans to the District Leadership team who would meet to review with each administrator.
  5. 5. Goal #3 Community Connections – Promote our school district’s identity bycommunicating the achievements of our students and staff to our communities Develop and expand our corporate use of social media to promote our achievements. Adopt new corporate protocols that meet our communitys expectations for us to communicate with speed via multiple/mobile channels. Align our social media strategy with our existing communications and marketing strategies to provide consistent communications, maintain relationships, and differentiate ourselves in the market. Expand our brand to be "the premier place for teaching and learning" . . . a place of "educational excellence and vision". Implement the Boards new "Taking Action" web page to provide an open, transparent avenue for sharing information and engaging with stakeholders and the public. Support the Boards Strategic Plan and other policies and "current issues" with this online communications tool. Take our district website, school websites, and internal portal to the next level of development; ensure that our district brand and social media strategies are embedded in all digital/online sites. Support staff with training, guidelines, and administrative procedures.
  6. 6. Goal #4 Personal Stretch Area – Foster support for the importance of earlylearning with staff and the community Create opportunities for staff and the community to engage with key personnel in the early learning area Explore the expansion of early learning opportunities connected to our schools including pre-schools and StrongStart Centres Align the work of K teachers in the district with the new full day K program Refine assessments and interventions for primary aged learners to better early identify at-risk learners