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What Swimming is Teaching Me About Schooling

Presentation given at the #yvrignite event in Vancouver on November 19, 2014.

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What Swimming is Teaching Me About Schooling

  1. 1. What Swimming Is Teaching Me About Schooling Chris Kennedy @chrkennedy West Vancouver School District November 19, 2014 Vancouver, BC
  2. 2. I love to watch my kids play sports – it is probably my favourite thing in the world
  3. 3. I played a lot of sports growing up – I wasn’t very good but I did love to compete.
  4. 4. For whatever reason – one sport that my kids have really got into is swimming
  5. 5. They are not going to the Olympics, but they will swim all summer
  6. 6. While I knew a lot about hockey and basketball – swimming and swim culture has been new to me.
  7. 7. Crap – this is good – I wish school was more like swimming
  8. 8. When kids are grouped – age and ability matter.
  9. 9. Reporting clearly separates skills and work habits
  10. 10. Parents are expected to lend their expertise but not be the coaches
  11. 11. Older kids are expected to work with younger kids
  12. 12. Kids work as individuals and as part of a team
  13. 13. There are at least 6 or 7 practices to every competition
  14. 14. Coaches share a practice plan in advance and then post it publicly
  15. 15. Coaches give constant feedback
  16. 16. When there are competitions most kids are obsessed with their own best times
  17. 17. Nobody talks about averages
  18. 18. Kids are ridiculously engaged.
  19. 19. Sports have a lot of challenges
  20. 20. Sports are trying to largely connect in new ways – just like schools
  21. 21. Whether in the classroom, gym, field or pool – hopefully we are all working to build some forever skills