The Convergence of Search, Social and Content Marketing


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This is my presentation from SES San Francisco 2012.

Session Description:

At any given time, there are 50-200 versions of Google's core search algorithm handling over 12 billion queries per month. At the same time, Google has made substantial quality improvement efforts through Panda and Penguin updates that require website owners to focus on quality content, optimization, and social engagement to stay above the fold. Siloed SEO is no longer a competitive advantage, and webmasters must master the converging worlds of search, social media, and content. This session will help you:

* Identify key benefits and processes for integrating optimized content and social media marketing.
* Understand how to develop an optimized and socialized content marketing plan.
* Learn best practices optimization for social networks including Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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The Convergence of Search, Social and Content Marketing

  1. 1. Too Many ‘Strategies’ Are Like ThisKid’s Headphones...
  2. 2. This is the World We Live In....
  3. 3. This is the World We Live In....
  4. 4. EVERYTHING is Converging• It’s not a matter of IF or WHEN anymore. It’sNOW!• Adapt or Die.....
  5. 5. Content Marketing• Creating & sharing valuable free content• Attract and convert prospects intocustomers, and customers into repeat buyers
  6. 6. Content Marketing• Your content should be a reflection of yourcompany & related to your products/services• Educating to build relationships & trust• Great resource:
  7. 7. Content Marketing’s Role...• Great content marketing crosses severalboundaries & mediums• Helps to grow a business across search andsocial media channels
  8. 8. Let Me Illustrate This...
  9. 9. The Content Marketing Explosion• Created for a variety of purposes:– PR announcement around acquisition– Improve search positioning for targetkeywords around new offering– Audience building and social followergrowth– Immediate conversion goals
  10. 10. Remarkable Content is the Best PR• It tells your story in afun, educational, memorable, and non-invasiveway
  11. 11. Getting the Right Exposure
  12. 12. Leverage Your Resources....• To magnify the impactof individual contentcampaigns
  13. 13. Never Stop Promoting• Create stuff that you can be proud of• Be passionate about it• Promote it!
  14. 14. Make the Most of It
  15. 15. PR Exposure & Links via‘The Content Marketing Explosion’
  16. 16. Improved Search Positioningvia Content• In a Post-Penguin (PP) World, remarkablecontent marketing is the single most powerfulway build to links naturally and improvesearch positioning
  17. 17. Remarkable Content Builds PowerfulLinks Naturally1,400+ links to the original Mashable post(181 unique referring domains)
  18. 18. 200+ links to our new services page(50+ unique referring domains)Remarkable Content Builds PowerfulLinks Naturally
  19. 19. Social Media Growth via Deep MarketPenetration• Remarkable content is highly shared acrosssocial channels, leading to highly valuablebrand exposure & new ‘touch-points’
  20. 20. The ‘Content Marketing Explosion’Resulted In:• Thousands of Facebook Shares & Likes
  21. 21. • Thousands of TweetsThe ‘Content Marketing Explosion’Resulted In:
  22. 22. • Over 700 Google +1’sThe ‘Content Marketing Explosion’Resulted In:
  23. 23. • 400+ Linkedin SharesThe ‘Content Marketing Explosion’Resulted In:
  24. 24. • Thousands of PinsThe Content Marketing ExplosionResulted In:
  25. 25. Remarkable Content Drives Positive & Valuable Dialogue
  26. 26. You are actually part of the conversation!
  27. 27. Conversions• Remarkable content will result in immediate &future conversion events• The best content calls users to action
  28. 28. • Over 500% increase in qualified leads that day• 300%+ increase in qualified leads that week• Continues to send 3+ qualified qualified leadseach week (6 months later!)The ‘Content Marketing Explosion’Resulted In:
  29. 29. The best content can be leveraged and utilized again & again...
  30. 30. Plan, Plan, Plan• Short & long term strategic planning shouldguide and inform each initiative
  31. 31. Keep the End Goal in Mind• Content is a means to an end.• It’s the vehicle you use to reinforce theidentity of your brand and your USP.
  32. 32. Have a Raison dêtre• There’s a reason you created your business, apurpose for you in the marketplace• The same holds true for every piece ofcontent you put out
  33. 33. Be a Scientist• Experimentation is an absolute necessity.Without it, there can be no innovation.• But know your risk levels...
  34. 34. Be a Scientist• Apply the scientific method to everything youdo and create.• Be thorough and avoid bias.
  35. 35. Be a Scientist• Objectively study the competition• Learn from their wins and losses
  36. 36. Know Your Audience• Your content needs to resonate and connectin a meaningful way with your target audience
  37. 37. Promote, Promote, Promote• Create a definitive list of internal & externalresources to help promote your content
  38. 38. Promote, Promote, Promote• Potential promotion resources include:– Your employees & their social presence– Paid traffic & social ads– Business partnerships and relationships
  39. 39. Promote, Promote, PromoteThe promotion of content can be just asimportant as the creation of content
  40. 40. You Can’t Get What You Don’t Ask For• Incorporate CTA’s into all of your content(even if they are just for micro-conversions)• Use these to guide users further down thesales funnel
  41. 41. Build on Your Big Wins• Each piece of content is an opportunity tohook new people and grow your long termaudience
  42. 42. Good Content Never Truly Dies• We’re in a digital world. Your content is yourvoice and it echoes forever.• Don’t put out what you can’t take back.
  43. 43. Content Can be Reincarnated• Great content is born of great ideas, and greatideas have multiple angles• Repurpose and reuse with new angles• Iterate and improve!
  44. 44. Be Your Biggest Critic• If you aren’t obsessed with what you’vecreated, nobody else will be either.• Don’t drink your own kool-aid....
  45. 45. Questions to Ask Yourself• What story can we tell?• What can we do better than anyone else?• Where are the gaps?• Who/what can we leverage?• How can we be remarkable?