Rail Champions (Service Overview)


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Rail Champions provides a neutral platform for new business development, debate and discussion to which suppliers, maintainers and end users can work collaboratively to ‘share knowledge’ and develop the ‘transport infrastructure’ of the future.

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  • My reputation has been built upon, energetic, creative and innovative networking, with over 15 years experience winning and delivering big ticket sales in the UK's infrastructure sector. 

Having successfully secured new business to the value of £7m+ in the past 5 years, I have become a trusted and well known figure in the UK Rail and Telecoms markets.

By taking a systematic approach to analyse niche sector opportunities, engage with key stakeholders, mentor and develop others, visualizing the macro solution before deciding on the strategy and development of a robust plan to realize the desired benefits. 

A highly motivated and resourceful individual, I'm able to lead from the front, motivate teams and use a mix of businesses leverage (e.g. commercial, conceptual and technical expertise), ensuring pursuit of winning sales strategies, with clear and attainable goals to inspire the development and empowerment of internal teams to take this forward.SpecialtiesBreaking down barriers to sales
Commercial problem solving
Benchmark analysis to identify 'innovation' breakthrough *(Product/Service)
Broad private & public sector sales experience
Deep understanding of the standby power sales markets 
Experienced enabler of new business 
Developing a sustainable sales pipeline
Building a collaborative sales culture within teams
Delivering commercial change in 'fiercely' competitive markets
Copywriting, marketing and PR
  • Rail Champions (Service Overview)

    1. 1. Innovation + Collaboration = Success!introducingRAIL CHAMPIONS
    2. 2. Exciting and powerful Collaborate Prepare, Epic DNA Organize, (creativity) to INNOVATE Deploy a neutral platform for the flow of ideas, innovation and collaboration
    3. 3. EPIC DNA enables creativity a fresh way of thinking..
    4. 4. Professionals shaping future transport design You don’t have to start from scratch. If you need help with a market insight or ideas for ‘gear changing’ innovation, we can help! Using benchmark analysis to identify market worth and niche opportunities. More importantly, a great tool to check out the competition in a non adversarial way, with a clear focus on value added services.
    5. 5. Information overload? Benchmarking and freedom to share data will make dataMake informed decisions more valuable, but only if it is managed correctly. Threats and Opportunities can be clearly defined.
    6. 6. Collaborate to innovatewide range of benefits, which enhance competitiveness and performance
    7. 7. collaboration..The art of delegation and building confidencein others.It’s about team work, and co-authoring willget you there.
    9. 9. It’s not just about your ‘pitch’, but strengtheningYOUR MESSAGE. THE UK TRANSPORT SECTOR – AN EXCITING PLACE TO DO BUSINESS
    10. 10. Everything Everywhere» Check out BS 11000-1”2010 Collaborative Business Relationships Better cost management.» Improved time, improved resource and risk management.» Delivering incremental business value and innovation.» Collaborative partners to effectively share knowledge, skills and resources to meet mutually defined objectives.
    11. 11. What we can do for you.. Capabilities & Approach Any innovation relies on a true breadth of perspective, insight, agility, to achieve successful market integration. Our balanced, holistic approach to innovate gives us the flexibility to find a ‘fast and effective’ route to market. We combine great listening skills, creativity, value Chris Williams-Lilley Founder & Chairman management and product landscaping tools to make ‘realistic leaps’ of imagination backed with the analytical thinking needed to turn ‘concepts’ into true bottom line growth. 15 years experience winning big ticket sales in the UK Infrastructure and successfully securing over £7m sales in the past 5 years in hi-tech equipment
    12. 12. Make informed decisions Some of the services we can offer;  Benchmark studies (to identify niche opportunities)  New Business Development  Marketing / Copywriting (White Papers / PR)  Public relations  Product launches  Event management  Leadership development (FranklinCovey)  FAST TRACK Achilles Link-up Approval  BS 1100-1:2010 Collaborative Working (overview)  Headhunting
    13. 13. What we can do for you.. » Breakthrough Innovation: » Create new products or services to grow the business or respond to a significant threat or opportunity. » Cost Reduction Opportunities: » Look beyond value engineering for major opportunities to enhance the cost-effectiveness of a product, process or service. 15 years experience winning big ticket sales in the UK Infrastructure and successfully securing over £7m sales in the past 5 years in hi-tech equipment
    14. 14. What we can do for you.. » Business Development » Quick wins in business development across the UK rail and transport sector. » Making the most of existing capabilities, manufacturing, sales and branding in the most competitive environments “In addition to our in-house skills, we actively develop and maintain an extensive network of leading industry associates, including academics and global transport industry specialists.” 15 years experience winning big ticket sales in the UK Infrastructure and successfully securing over £7m sales in the past 5 years in hi-tech equipment
    15. 15. What we can do for you.. » Innovation Workshops: » Enable discussions within a client team and help them reach beyond miss guided assumptions and beliefs. » Thought Leadership (KTN): » Pool expertise and experience of clients in non-competing industries to accelerate innovation performance. 15 years experience winning big ticket sales in the UK Infrastructure and successfully securing over £7m sales in the past 5 years in hi-tech equipment
    16. 16. exciting new opportunities await innovate and collaborateSpeed of trust,to succeed. A winning formula.
    17. 17. Prepare Organize & Deploy “Does this sound like a plan..?”
    18. 18. Thank you..What’s Your Message?RAIL CHAMPIONS
    19. 19. We look forward to hearing from you Rail Champions 12a Main Street Ashby St Ledgers Warwickshire CV23 8UNContact details Tel. 01788 891 714 Mobile. 07768 849 961 Email. chris@rail-champions.com Web. rail-champions.com Registered in England & Wales under Company Number. 07830789