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“Write first, right later.” – Helping good writers become better writersBackstory                                         ...
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Write first, right to write better


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Sometimes we all need help to erm, you know, write better stuff and that.
Here's how the writers at Verbal Identity help brand owners (and each other) to write better.

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Write first, right to write better

  1. 1. “Write first, right later.” – Helping good writers become better writersBackstory WRITE FIRST, RIGHT LATER: Good editing makes for great writing. But it also kills theChris West, founder of Verbal Identity, is one creative process if you start too early. How doof London’s most highly-awarded copywriters. you decide when to write, and when to edit?He is also a contributor to The Sunday Times, ALL WRITERS SHOULD BE ILLUSTRATORS:a Contributing Editor at Lusso magazine and Good writing paints pictures across thewrote a short film which won numerous awards reader’s mind. But how do you turn a processincluding ‘Best Film, Barcelona Film Festival’. description or factual content into pictures?Are good writers born or made? What could it mean for your brand?Chris West believes that you don’t have to be Does your brand narrative tell a compelling storycreative to be a good writer. In fact, if you are, about why the world needs your brand? Moreit’s probably a hindrance. Drawing on his 20 importantly, does it convince each member inyears experience of writing successfully for a the brand team of what their role is? If youvariety of different editors, he now mentors change the brand’s Tone of Voice, would peoplesenior executives in brand-centric organisations relate differently to it?on how to write better. Each 90 minute sessionis highly practical and bespoke programs last The sounds of words matter. Infrom one to five sessions. research, most people considered the (fictional) ice-cream brandProgram modules include: Frosh to be softer and creamier than its fictional competitor Frish.KNOW YOUR LISTENER: The 50s psychologicaltheory of Transactional Analysis is relevant togood writing. The best communication happenswhen you know who you are talking to, and youknow how they expect to be spoken to.If you’d like to find out more about how Verbal Identity is using tone of voice, brand e: / t: +44 (0) 20 8127 6265narrative and copy analytics to give brands an unfair advantage, please call Chris West. Find out much much more about verbal identity on Twitter: @verbid