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9 Signs Your Garage Door Needs to be Replaced


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This PDF helps home owners understand the inner-workings of their garage doors and how to asses if they need to be repaired or replaced.

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9 Signs Your Garage Door Needs to be Replaced

  1. 1. 9 Signs Your Garage Door Needs to be Replaced Paint chips and occasional dents are normal in any garage door. A simple repaint and do-it- yourself repair can easily resolve your garage door concerns. However, there are tell-tale signs that you can’t ignore when it comes to your garage door that would tell you that it needs to be replaced. 1. Broken Parts Broken garage door parts can easily be replaced, but there are damages that can compromise the integrity of the door. Do a thorough inspection of your garage door and if you notice the bottom section of the door is already damaged, you might want to consider replacing it. Another damage sign is splinter and broken edges, especially for wooden garage doors. 2. Broken Wires and Cords Safety is the prime consideration why you replace your garage doors particularly when its wiring is damaged. Cords and wires control the garage door’s movement and any damage to these parts may cause accidents due to sudden closure. 3. Shaking Garage doors are designed to operate smoothly. If you notice that your garage door shakes when you open or close it, you may need to consider having it replaced. Shaking is a telltale sign that your garage door has broken parts that make it move unevenly. 4. Inconsistent Movement When your garage door falters when you open or close it, replacement is a likely option. Sudden jerking movements may eventually lead to total collapse which can lead to injury and property or automobile damage. 5. An uneven Garage Door The bottom of the garage door must sit evenly on the floor. The problem of an uneven garage door is often caused by mechanical malfunction and slightly open doors allow insects and varmints to enter your residence. It can also affect the room temperature in your house. 6. A Higher Utility Bill If you notice that your electric bill suddenly shoots up even though your usage remains the same, you may want to check your door’s insulation. Damaged insulation will make your HVAC unit work harder to maintain ideal room temperature in your home. 7. Unusual Sounds You can easily detect this because you're used to how your garage door sounds when you operate it. Unusual noise is a good indicator that there is something wrong with your garage
  2. 2. door’s mechanism. Oiling parts may reduce squeaking sounds, but it would be better if you ask a garage door expert to fully inspect the door for any mechanical damage. 8. Inadequate Safety Feature Your garage door may not have any type of problems that will warrant replacement. However, you need to ask yourself whether your garage door has safety features like sensors that will trigger reverse action, should it detect any object underneath. You may choose to install a detector to lessen the cost; but if your garage door does not have one in the first place, it might just be appropriate to replace your garage door completely as it is already old and may eventually break down. 9. Security Question Like the safety feature, security is another prime consideration when replacing your garage door. Aside from keeping your vehicles protected from the elements of nature, your garage door must also make you and your family feel safe inside your home. Older garage doors can be easily broken into by intruders. Replacing it with new garage doors with the latest security features will help you sleep soundly at night. Garage door replacement can be costly , but there are other factors that you need to seriously conside: safety and security are paramount and so are functionality and aesthetics. If you are unsure whether you need garage door replacement or a simple repair, contact a garage door expert immediately. A little consultation will help you in choosing the best option for your garage door. To See a video on replacing a single broken garage door panel visit: To learn more about Garage Door Repair and Repacement, visit: