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Week Five - Working to a Brief


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Lecture Five in the series. This week we discuss how to successfully apply to a brief and how to achieve on the assignment piece

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Week Five - Working to a Brief

  1. 1. Working to a Brief Week 5 – 08.06.2011 Applying to a Brief
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  3. 3. Working to a Brief What did we do last week? (Before H/T)
  4. 4. Working to a Brief • Recap from last week – Handed out your final assignment for this unit • Have you read through it? • Do you understand it? • Has anyone started it? – Discussed the importance of planning • Discussed the stages in planning • Milestones / Deliverables • Aims / Objectives – On a side note – all your assignments have been marked! • With exception to the few that haven't submitted (WHERE IS YOUR WORK!)
  5. 5. Assignment! • Check your emails! (A Reminder!) – I have sent the second assignment to all of you via the email you provided to us here at Confetti – if you don’t have it, you need to update us with your new email address! – Has two objects in the folder, the assignment document itself alongside the brief in which you will be working towards solving – A much more involved assignment than the first!
  6. 6. Assignment! • 24 Hour Power – Loads to take in – Can’t be solved in a day! – This could be you in a few years time – are you prepared enough to answer a brief? – Due in on the 24th June (Second to last week) – Lots of research to be done and to take in! • Let’s look at it together! – At the end of this you should all be able to at least work to a PASS standard!
  7. 7. Responding! • Pre-Production – Budget, Team, Concept etc • Production Phase – Development Cycles • Post-Production – Marketing, Box Art • Review & Critique – Did it go well? Was the project well received? • Client Relationship – Could you have worked closer with the client?
  8. 8. conference-video/
  9. 9. Overview • What have you learnt in the session?