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The descent 3rd analisis


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The descent 3rd analisis

  1. 1. The descent Trailer analysis: The trailer is almost 3minutes long and has enough to engage and excite the audience. The trailer itself doesn’t lie to the viewers as it tells most of the story in a short amount of space without out using up the first hour of the film. The trailers uses most of the action scenes it even lets us see the monsters we are dealing with and as the tension builds it sells its self as a survival horror film. The trailer has many cut scenes to build suspense and the music in the background builds climax along with the high base heartbeat. You’d probably have to go to the cinema to watch the trailer or watch it on YouTube. Poster analysis: This poster has all 6 girls in a formation that looks like a skull and indicates death for all of them. We know there’s a light being casted on them from the front and this cast a yellow light almost like a roaring fire and there’s black all around them this maybe that there’s is no hope beyond where they stand. The yellow border looks to me like fire; this can be seen as the fire in their hearts burning to survive but slowly dimming suggesting they will die. On the image we see the main character on top making the head of the skull this implies that she will make it to end and the rest will die as they all push her and support her up and out of the cave .I believe that the reason they are in that formation has something to do with survival, and this is what horror fans hunt for in movies. The posters cost around £8 to buy from a shop.
  2. 2. Billboard analysis: This is the descent billboard used for the advertisement of the film for mainly drivers to look at. The imagery within the billboard attracts mainly the secondary audiences (horror lovers) with the recurring colour black and the little light in the corner, this attracts people to explore, investigate as that’s what horror is about and come and look at the movie to find out more. The image itself is mysterious as its mostly black and we only have a face to feed our hunger for information. The image as mentioned is appealing to horror lovers becauseof the dark black which somewhat represents death but in the picture we also have a light shining down onto one of the actors face which represents hope and could mean only one person survives. The light could also be seen as the shaft of the cave that can be seen when you look up when inside.