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Social media strategies for growing and marketing your business, and creating and making a connection with your clients and fans. Learn more about targeting specific audiences, finding your niche, using tools to engage, tips for planning your strategy, and tracking your analysis and growth.

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  • In order to reach out target audience we do a fair amount of targeting. Facebook ads are very nice to help you pick up people who would be interested in your business and organization. For example, when I want to boost a post I can go into FB ads and add specific demographic information about the contact I want to reach. (I.E. a female photographer, age 20-65 and has an interest in portrait photography. Our audience likes bright, colorful images and very little copy, so when I boost a post I’m very conscious of that. After my boosted post has been running for a few days, I like to go in and see how it’s doing. I may swap out copy or the image graphic and test to see which ad performs the best. This is good to do so you know what works and what doesn’t. In my experience, targeting through facebook is a great tool to help you grow your fan base and engage fellow photographers.In addition to Facebook, we use a variety of other social media outlet. Twitter – straight to the point with messaging due to the character crunch. Instagram different graphics to catch the eye. (Talk about Sarah’s instagram account). Pinterest - (talk about graphics with words that pull really well for us). Paying for advertising is good if you want to make a revenue goal for example.
  • Right before a big launch we like to run FB contests to gain lead generation. (Talk about Jill-e photo contests we do) Facebook has an algorithm - the more you promote before a big launch, the better. It registers that your fan page is good and helps your posts show up in more newsfeeds. (Talk about what you learned from Mari Smith). Free tools that help
  • Here is an example of an email banner that I used for a free webinar Sarah was hosting. The graphic is laid out nicely and has a clear CTA of what we want the person to do.
  • Anyone can have a FB page for their business, but in order for a business to be successful on social media they really need a plan. For example, each month I sit down with my boss and talk about the top priorities for the month on social media. We have an online selling event launching in May 2014, so I know in May that’s the majority of what I will be posting about. Since I know that ahead of time I can plan and schedule my posts out ahead of time and then not have to worry about it until later. In addition to that I like to make a monthly goal for myself (FB growth or engagement). I like having the goals to push and work towards. (talk more about the plan via hootsuite).
  • In order to be successful on social media, first you need to make a plan of what you want to accomplish. Do you want revenue goal met via social media or do you want more FB likes? That’s something you need to figure out. Another important thing to do is test different times for postings. In order to reach our audience we normally post in the morning before noon. This works for our target market because a lot of photographers are either near their phone or computer and may be browsing the internet. If you go into FB setting you can see when would be the best time to pushy meaty content to your audience. Lastly, in order to constantly improve – you need stats to fall back on. So check and see what the #’s are. If they are low you know they audience didn’t like it and you should probably not do it again. But if they loved it, it’s clear you need to do something similar to that again. Talk about the best post (see screenshot) on Jan 2, 2013
  • One thing I like to do is track and see what posts work for my audience and what doesn’t. As I mentioned before my audience LOVES bright, colorful images (they do NOT read) so I would never post a really long thread and expect someone to respond. To take that one step further reviewing stats on your posts is very easy. (talk about #’s and what to do with them). If you are trying to really grow your fan base I would suggest tracking your growth month by month or week by week so you can see where you started and where you finished.
  • MB share the first few and Christy shares the end.
  • Social Media Strategies

    1. 1. + By Mary Beth Clark & Christy Broccardo Social Media Strategies Growing & marketing an online business Creating & maintaining a connection with your clients/fans/patients
    2. 2. + Targeting specific audiences  Demographic targeting through Facebook  Review reach organic vs. paid  Other SM outlets- Pinterest Instagram Twitter
    3. 3. + Targeting specific audiences  Know your organization, your audience and your tone  Know your purpose  to build a connection and a community with our fans/ clients/patients,  to educate about living well, and  to strengthen our brand and it’s culture
    4. 4. + Targeting specific audiences  70/20/10 rule  70% what your followers are looking for, need or want  20% sharing of content  10% specifically on your products and services  My “Miracle on 34th Street” rule  Follow, like, share and comment on others in your community and with your mission  Tag and give props to other pages
    5. 5. + Find your niche  Facebook – moms, healthcare decision makers for parents, spouse, kids  Pinterest – women, how-tos, recipes, visual  Twitter –local media and media spots, what’s hot now  Google+ - peers, national media relations and national news stories  YouTube – 2nd largest keyword search engine, health care one of largest search topics, custom playlists!  SlideShare – knowledge, health care, keywords  LinkedIn – industry awareness, join targeted groups, national news stories
    6. 6. + Targeting specific audiences  Don’t forget the underdogs  New life for your presentations  Custom title images  Keywords and descriptions
    7. 7. + Share your culture  Use every opportunity to share your organization’s culture  Immediacy is important – you have to COMMIT!  Reply to comments quickly and 24/7  Gain new fans and followers  Negative and positive  Storm closures, 20,000 reach, hundreds of new followers  When a negative can become a positive
    8. 8. +  Tag commenters when you reply
    9. 9. + Tools to engage  Facebook contests  Promote before a big launch  Free content (opt ins)
    10. 10. + Tools to engage
    11. 11. + Tools to engage
    12. 12. + Tools to engage  Use your images – cover, profile, custom tabs  Facebook relaxed text restrictions  How do they work alone, together?
    13. 13. +
    14. 14. +
    15. 15. +
    16. 16. +
    17. 17. + Tools to engage  Facebook for developers  Woobox –  Move around based on what’s hot
    18. 18. + Tools to engage - woobox
    19. 19. + Tools to engage  Custom tabs… Where will they go???
    20. 20. + Tools to engage - tweetdeck  Twitter - Tweetdeck
    21. 21. + Tools to engage  Mention  Social Mention
    22. 22. + Tips for planning a month-long strategy • Planning out the month • Monthly goals • Make a launch plan
    23. 23. + Tips for planning a month-long strategy
    24. 24. + Editorial calendar
    25. 25. + Tips for planning  Make a plan  Check times  Check stats and see what the reach is
    26. 26. +
    27. 27. + Tips for planning  What’s going on in YOUR world?  What are you working on this day/week/month  What’s going on in your INDUSTRY world?  National observances  Top news
    28. 28. + Tips for planning  What’s going on in THE world?  Holidays  Events  Olympics, World Series, Oscars, breaking news  Trending topics    
    29. 29. +
    30. 30. + Tips for planning  Determine top messages of the month  Think about your keywords  Pull together your resources and links  Spiff up your web pages, make custom landing pages, enhance Pinterest boards, create blog posts
    31. 31. + Tips for planning  Determine which of your channels best cross-support each other  Facebook has been best gateway to website, Pinterest, blog, videos, recipes, personal stories/doctors/patients  Pinterest best gateway to our online health library, + recipe boards, holiday boards  Twitter best for alerts to media and sharing of media spots, questions
    32. 32. +
    33. 33. + Tips for planning  Follow others in your field  Your specific industry  Marketing and communications leaders  Enews and blogs  Peers and competitors  Big name players always have good ideas and examples
    34. 34. + Analysis and growth  Results  Stats  Month / year growth
    35. 35. + Analysis and growth
    36. 36. + Analysis & growth  Likes, unlikes / follow/unfollow / pins  How many times per day, what times of day  Keywords  Text vs. video vs. image vs. links
    37. 37. + Analysis & growth - Pinterest
    38. 38. + Analysis & growth
    39. 39. + Analysis & growth
    40. 40. + Analysis & growth  Organic posts vs. paid posts  Promoted posts  Boost your top organic posts  ONLY promote AWESOME  Set a monthly budget  Targeted for friends of page OR geographical, demographical, etc.
    41. 41. + Promoted posts
    42. 42. + New ad formats
    43. 43. + Auto posts and repurposing  Auto posts vs. live posts  Most blogs, enewletters, etc. can auto post to your social networks  Great way to get content out without much extra effort  BUT repurpose best content in a more visual way or from a different angle  Titles, intros, keywords are KEY to success!
    44. 44. +
    45. 45. + Resharing, repurposing kissmetrics
    46. 46. + Resharing, repurposing kissmetrics
    47. 47. + Resharing, repurposing  Never use exact same message twice in series.  Optimize for each social network  Rewrite with a new angle, large image vs. a link, give a new focus  Share a tweetable quote from a blog post  Helps to go viral kissmetrics
    48. 48. + Analysis & growth  UTM links, Google URL builder
    49. 49. + Conclusion
    50. 50. + Our top 10 (ok, 11!)  Search Engine Watch - - keyword, content marketing  KissMetrics – - analytics, testing, social trends  Ragan Communications - - all things communications  Louise Myers - - quick and easy social media tips  Mention – - analysis and reach  Mashable - - social media news and hot trends  HubSpot – - all things marketing <3 their Slideshare channel  Delicious - - save favorite bookmarks  Mari Smith - - great for Facebook growth and targeting  Amy Porterfield – - free social media webinars  Social Media Examiner – - social trends, reports, podcasts