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Real time application insights and troubleshooting with the power of azure app insights


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Using Azure Monitor and Application Insights to troubleshoot applications

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Real time application insights and troubleshooting with the power of azure app insights

  1. 1. Real-time application insights and troubleshooting with the power of Azure App Insights Christos Matskas Product Marketing Manager @ Microsoft
  2. 2. Monitoring in Azure
  3. 3. Drill down into AKS Containers & VMs Full Stack Visibility for Resource Groups Incident & Event Management with Alerts Diagnose E2E issues with App Insights Artificial Intelligence for IT (AIOps) Advanced Queries with Logs Visualizations & Dashboards
  4. 4. Metrics Logs Application Container VM Monitoring Solutions Insights Dashboards Views Power BI Workbooks Visualize Metrics Explorer Log Analytics Analyze Alerts Autoscale Respond Event Hubs Ingest & Export APIs Logic Apps Integrate Azure Monitor Custom Sources Applications Operating Systems Azure Resources Azure Subscriptions Azure Tenant Architecture
  5. 5. Prometheus Azure Monitor for Containers database LogMetric Database Visualization Health Metric Log Visualization Datastore Retention Retention
  6. 6.  Enable monitoring for all apps & services via SDKs, Azure Pipelines, DevOps Projects, or Extensions  Enable monitoring for all relevant components of your infrastructure (VMs, Containers, Network)  Bucket Azure resources in Resource Groups for full visibility  Ensure quality throughout your CI/CD pipelines  Setup actionable alerts with notifications and/or remediations  Prepare role-based dashboards & workbooks for reporting  Continuously optimize with ‘Build Measure Learn’ Learn More: practices-for-continuous-monitoring-with-azure-monitor/
  7. 7. Question Time