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Generic apprentice program 09 22-16 qln food work group


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MEIRxRS's subsidiary, Rx Research Services is the only provider of nine apprenticeships specifically designed for life sciences. The presentation shows how our program is used in the food industry.

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Generic apprentice program 09 22-16 qln food work group

  1. 1. Apprenticeships & the Food Industry Compliance Collaboration Rosemarie Christopher President Rx Research Services & RxRS Foundation
  2. 2. History • Rx Research Services - Federal & State Approved Apprentice Training Committee Status • Proof of Principle – 2015 - 5 Apprentices • Innovative Apprenticeships for Life Sciences Industry 2016-2017 grant –DAS & Miramar College & Rx Research Services – Build a workforce pipeline to address the workforce and training gaps for regulatory affairs and quality control careers in the FDA regulated life sciences industry. – Target Populations: Veterans and unemployed/underemployed STEM degree holders.
  3. 3. Need Employers have identified quality and regulatory positions as hard to fill across the state
  4. 4. Why QC Apprenticeships Quality Control Food Technologist Microbiologist Warehouse Supervisor Supplier Auditor • Understanding Quality is important in multiple roles • There are multiple career paths for QC apprentice • End of program, apprentice has 2 years of experience and two industry certifications • 87% of Apprentices are offered positions, much higher rate than interns • Industry certifications insure industry best practices are followed: important to FDA • Candidates with certifications and 1-6 years of experience are the most difficult to uncover Apprenticeships
  5. 5. Value add • We provide three promising apprentice-candidates (same commitment as our full-time search services) • Insure the apprentice stays on track with trainings and experiential requirements • Coordinate and pay for tests and trainings • Provide mentor if one is not available • Work with veterans groups, local universities and social services to uncover candidates with promise • Ensure compliance with federal, state and local laws and program requirements • Ensure apprentice follows ethics established by the profession Apprenticeships
  6. 6. Breakdown • Certification materials and exam are covered by the program • Mentorship stipend available (mentors must have industry certification) • Wages, employer taxes and benefits account for 1.46X hourly pay according to Bureau of Labor Statistics* • Learning hours of 6-8 weekly paid by CA DAS grant Apprenticeships
  7. 7. Apprenticeships Status Apprentic e Host Companies Position Title Veteran Hours Completed Certification 1 4 food companies Quality Control Technician 2043.33 CQIA 2 1 food company Quality Control Technician 834.40 CQIA 3 2 food companies Quality Control Technician 1637.83 CQIA 4 2 food companies Quality Assurance √ 1329.68 CQIA 5 1 food company Quality Control Technician √ 1503.97 CQIA 6 Food Test Lab Micro QC Technician 500 7 Biotech Test Lab Chemistry QC Tech  X 300
  8. 8. Possible Business Objectives  There are third-party certifications we wish to earn  Our customers will be checking our documentation  We want to ensure our choice of suppliers does not lead to a product recall  Line-level vacancies go unfilled for long durations of time  We want to beat our competitors in product quality  We want to stay out of the crosshairs of FDA. Questions: Rosemarie Christopher 213-999-0138 Apprenticeships
  9. 9. CALL to Action Protect your BRAND • Do NOT let lack of, or insufficient Documentation Bring YOUR Company down ATTEND 20 hours of Preventive Controls TRAINING- Make your company COMPLIANT to FSMA now- Avoid the rush for this required training: • HOST an Apprentice AVOID COSTLY RECALLS: The economic losses to industry, including farmers, are enormous, estimated at over $75 billion per year.