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How Foursquare Helps Consumers and Business Owners


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This presentation goes over foursquare's services and how it benefits both consumers and business owners.

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How Foursquare Helps Consumers and Business Owners

  1. Foursquare 1.21.10
  2. SOCIALmedia it’s changing the way we all communicate....
  3. SOCIALmedia it’s changing the way we advertise...
  4. WHAT IS IT? It’s the migration of human social behavior online. It’s the new happy hour
  5. It’s As big as the Super Bowl Audience EVERYDAY! 50MM+ Active Facebook Users Everyday. Source: Facebook
  6. It’s HERE TO STAY
  7. but something’s MISSING
  8. online remains VIRTUAL
  9. the physical link between social media and IN-PERSON isn’t there
  10. NOW until enter the missing link...
  11. Foursquare is a location based service social networking game. translation
  12. it’s a game that you play with your friends that uses your phone’s GPS which rewards you for exploring cities
  13. answering WHERE are you RIGHT NOW...
  14. 250,000 active users GROWING 60% month over month
  15. with a GLOBAL reach
  16. GET OUT explore. share. compete.
  17. how’s it WORK?
  18. Travel. Check-In. T friends. ell
  19. +5 pts: Discovering a new place +2 pts: Going out 2 nights in a row +4 pts: 4 stops in a night +6 pts: Bringing 6 friends Earn points
  20. what’s the point for USERS? WHY
  21. Crunked: Discovering a new place Superstar: 50 di erent check-ins Player Please!: Check-in with 3 of opposite sex It’s about competition
  22. Where are your friends right now? What did your friends do this weekend? Who were your friends hanging out with? Friend recommendations... “what is this place?” What’s the hot-spot around me right now? It’s about friends
  23. It’s about promotions
  24. Disclaimer: Long weekend It’s about analytics
  25. It’s about the inside scoop
  26. 1st check-in gets a free coke Show us your 5th check-in, get free appetizer Mayor gets a free beer It’s about loyalty rewards
  27. what’s the point for restaurants? WHY
  28. It’s about driving in-store visits
  29. I don’t want to lose these! It’s about creating loyalty
  30. WOM it’s about.....
  31. How many people are checking into your establishment? Where were these people before? Where do they go after your establishment? What does the cycle of tra c look like? How is the cycle of tra c a ected by check-in promotions? It’s about analytics
  32. It’s easy
  33. Did we mention it’s FREE for now...
  34. DOWNLOAD the widget for your website
  35. put foursquare postings everywhere PROMOTEin-restaurant. online. outside
  36. but before ANYTHING DOWNLOAD IT learn by immersion
  37. Follow me on Twitter: @christu Add me as a friend on facebook: /ctu DON’T add me on foursquare because I’ll crush you!