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  1. 1. Christopher Pernell Thames Engineering 6728 Derby Dr. Apt. M Instructor|Project Gurnee, IL. 60031 Engineer|Business 224-656-7646/224-321-9171 Entrepreneur|Stocks/ Linkedin: http:// Trade|Marketing (B2B/B2C)|Social christopher-thames/46/548/297 Media Marketing- Navy Veteran▲Soft Skills:Exceptional Listener, Relationship Developer, ExtremelyCompetitive, Energetic Leader, Great Attention to Detail, ExcellentCommunication Skills, Innovative and Creative, Big PictureThinker, Highly Articulate, Technologically Savvy, Thrives inDeadline Environments, Course Curriculum Manager, LogisticsManager, Mentor (Professional Development/Military TransitionAssistance)▲Hard Skills:Multicultural Sensitivity Aware, Highly Self-Motivated, ExcellentFormal Instructional Techniques, In-depth Briefing and DebriefingCapabilities, Insightful Team Building Skills, Competent andConsistent Planner, Negotiator and Influencer, Great ManagingProject Resource Allocation Skills, Transparent At Defining ProjectTasks and Resource Requirements, Excellent Customer Servant Specialties ⌨ Management Consulting (BPM) ⌨ Instructional Design and Technology ⌨ Marketing and Design ⌨ Fire Protection Engineering (Suppression Systems) ⌨ Formal Instructing/Facilitating ⌨ Fluid Dynamics (Oil and Gas) ⌨ Social Media Marketing (B2B/B2C) ⌨ Project Engineering (Marine, Industrial, Mechanical) ⌨ Project Management Methodology- Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Practice Standard For Earned Value Management (EVM), Agile/SCRUM So%ware, PMP, PPM (Project Portfolio Management)
  2. 2. Columbus Technical College☛ Business Management, (AA) Continuing Education2010 – 2011Continuing education for PMI-PMP CertificationActivities and Societies: Military Veterans SocietyCenter of Naval Engineering Learning Site Yokosuka, Japan☛ Qualifications/Certifications While Attended Listed:, Engineering Console Operation,Fire Console Control Operation, Valve Systems and Alignment.2007 – 2010☛ Also served as Building Fire Marshall, Supply Parts Petty Officer, CourseSupervisor for Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) Course, MTS (Master TrainingSpecialist) Board Member.★Fire School Images on Facebook★ Societies: ☛ High Risk Firefighting Instructor Qualified, Structure Chief FirefightingQualified and Field Safety Fire Chief Qualified (Highest Firefighting Qualification ofEngineering Fire School)Damage Control "A"(Advanced) SchoolAdvanced Damage Control Technician, Shipboard Damage Control2003 – 2004 ☛ Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense and Detection Training,Gas Free Engineering Training, Shipboard Firefighting Techniques, Aqueous Film FormingFoam Generation, Valve Maintenance and Operation and Basic Blue Print Reading.1998-2001Hardaway High SchoolCertifications United States Navy Master Training Specialist (Military Instructor/ Facilitator) U.S. NavySeptember 2008 Navy Instructor (NEC) Navy Enlisted Code 9502 U.S. Navy Journeyman Instructor Training School2007 Gas Free Engineering Petty Officer U.S. Navy Commanding Officer, USS San AntonioAugust 2006
  3. 3. ▲ Executed leadership success in the tracking and development of 22Engineering Systems. Performed more than 4,000+ plant maintenance andreliability inspections to increase ongoing plant efficiency.▲ Effectively administered more than 10+ Engineering programs to includeQuality Assurance, Lubrication Oil/Fuel Oil Quality Management, EngineeringOperations and Tag-out/Lock-out procedures.▲ Prolific Master Instructor for more than 3000+ professionals in EngineeringPractices, Firefighting Tactics and Safety Management. Managed 5 engineeringprojects such as the newly integrated Water Mist Fire Suppression System andHFP System.▲ Unambiguously mentored 38 subordinates and trained more than 400 seniormembers in the areas of Fire Suppression Systems, Engineering Casualty Control,Operations Management, Plant Reliability, Power Quality Control andEngineering Logistics.▲ Secured over $2M+ on phase replacement maintenance orders for plant safetyequipment while successfully maintaining engineering supplies on fuel purchaseorders for 60,000+ Gallons, 7,000+ Engineering Repair Parts and Installed FireSuppression Systems.▲ Vigorously monitored engineering systems for more than 10,000+ hours andmanaged engineering casualties for more than 20+ engineering systems. Briefed/debriefed more than 40+ fire team organizations.▲Firefighting Tactics/Team Training▲HVAC Operation and Maintenance▲Industrial Compressors Operation, Maintenance and Monitoring▲Plant/Facilities Engineering Systems Identifications, Specifications and Markings▲Engineering Blueprints/Diagrams and Schematics Revision, Design and Updating▲Engineering Maintenance Scheduling Performance Matrix and Software Management▲Industrial Diesel Generators Power Quality Management Monitoring and Design▲Engineering Auxiliary Support Systems Operation and Maintenance▲Switchboard, UPS, Normal/Alternate/Emergency Power Operations and Monitoring▲Installed Drainage Systems Aligning and Operations▲Lubrication and Fuel Oil Quality Management Manager▲Fluid Control Valves Operation, Installation, Repair and Maintenance▲Piping Systems Pressure Testing, Maintenance and Identification