How payroll services can make your business profitable


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Outsourcing payroll services is only logical for businesses, particularly small and medium-sized ones, that cannot afford to start their own payroll department. With cost-effective payroll services, businesses get to re-prioritize their tasks.

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How payroll services can make your business profitable

  1. 1. Kruse PEO Services Call: (800) 258­1036How Payroll Services Can Make Your Business ProfitablePayroll services can make your business profitable by helping it save resourcesand ensure increased efficiency in the all-important, resource consuming payrollprocessing responsibilities. Businesses get to save on the capital required to starta fully functioning payroll department and the energy of their workforce. Withpayroll outsourcing, these resources could be channeled to the other importanttasks of your business which could help increase its productivity.Payroll processing is an importantaspect of HR management, one thatdirectly affects the performance ofyour staff and contributes to theirperformance. Inefficient handling ofpayroll services brings dissatisfiedstaff and also attracts legal penalties.Why Payroll Providers Can Be Counted onPayroll providers are experts with considerable experience in handling the HRrequirements of various businesses. You may say that yours is the uniqueorganization out there, but payroll services can still help especially if they areoffered by a reliable PEO company. The wealth of resources at hand can makethe PEO company quite a valuable partner in making your business successful.The PEO can also offer assistance in all other aspects of HR management,depending on the expectations of the client company.General List of Payroll ServicesAs far as payroll outsourcing is concerned, the PEO company providesservices generally including: • Administration of Pay checks and stubs                                                                          Payroll Services
  2. 2. Kruse PEO Services Call: (800) 258­1036 • Direct deposit to multiple bank accounts • Payroll delivery • Payroll checks drawn on the PEO account • Section 125 pre-tax administration • Payroll deductions, garnishments and levies • Flexible spending accounts • Federal and State payroll tax deposits and returns • FICA, FIT & SIT tax withholdings • Customized reports • Filing of FICA, FUTA, SUTA reports • New hire reporting • Federal payroll summaries • W-2 production and delivery • Wage/hour law compliance • Paid leave program management • Comprehensive payroll deductions • Vacation & sick time accruals • Department summary • Multiple worksitesFlexibility of Services Offered by Payroll ProvidersPayroll providers adapt their payroll processing services to suit the needs ofvarious client companies. This makes the services cost-effective and in line withyour requirements. The other HR management services offered by a PEOcompany include recruitment & selection, employee benefits administration,risk management, comprehensive legal compliance, and other relatedresponsibilities. These cover all the ingredients of HR management.                                                                          Payroll Services
  3. 3. Kruse PEO Services Call: (800) 258­1036With flexible and cost-effective payroll services, businesses can cut costs,ensure greater streamlining of their responsibilities, and ensure greaterproductivity directly, with greater resources left for the core tasks. The other HRoutsourcing responsibilities could help businesses further reduce their costs.This is how payroll services can make your business profitable. Contact Kruse PEO Services 8596 E. 101st street, Suite H, Tulsa, OK 74133 Phone: (800) 258-1036 URL:                                                                          Payroll Services