Tips of expressing one’s mood correctly through text messaging


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Tips of expressing one’s mood correctly through text messaging

  1. 1. Text messaging is one of the mostprominent ways of communicatingtoday. Whatever be the occasion ormood, everyone enjoys fiddling theirfingers on their mobile device andsending text messages. But at times,sending a text message can also lead tomisunderstanding, anger, confusion,etc., if the message is not conveyedcorrectly. Just look at the sentencesbelow and see how just simplepunctuations can change the meaningof sentences:
  2. 2. She said that! – Here exclamation pointshows energy and emphasis, that somegirl said something.She said that? – Here the questionmark, actually asks someone if a girlactually said something.Some simple rules and points need tobe kept in mind while sending textmessages, so as to ensure that youconvey the correct message, feeling oremotion to the person you are sendingit to:
  3. 3. Firstly, those topics that involve strong emotions and feelingsshould not be discussed via text messages. E.g. proposing tosomeone, telling them that you love them for the first time orcondoling a friend over the loss of a loved one. These situationsare tough and though text message seems like an easy way out, itwould be highly appreciated if you would dial the number andtalk to the person instead.The best way to express your emotion is by using smileys(emoticons)::) – for smiling, happy:( - for sad, disappointed:|- for blank, no reaction,:o – for awe and surprise and numerous other short expressionscan be found online to be used to show exactly how you feel. Justtwo points need to be kept in mind while using emoticons:
  4. 4. not to overdo it andthe person you are sending it to should be able to decipher itIf you are honestly happy texting to someone and want to convey the same,use exclamation points whenever possible. It shows your excitement andconveys an enthusiastic mood to the recipient.If you want to put emphasis on a certain feeling or point then put that wordin capital letters. Here avoid using all capital letters in sending textmessages and for that matter any messages, as it shows that you are yellingor angry. By the way, if you do want to yell or are that angry, it’s better tofollow point no.1 and call up.The best way to show that you are uninterested, upset or frustrated is by nottyping much. During such situations, it’s better to use “OK.” Or “Fine.”Notice the use of period at the end
  5. 5. and not exclamation mark orno punctuation. This showsthat you have given closureto the discussion and do notfeel like talking about itfurther.Use of short forms like Lolz,LMAO, ROFL, etc. areanother good way to expressthe way you feel, but ensurethat the recipient alsounderstands the meaning.E.g. LOL usually denotesLaugh Out Loud, but it canalso be decoded as Loads ofLove.
  6. 6. One more thing that everyoneshould keep in mind is when touse the above points. Whensending a serious text messageto boss or business clients andcustomers, use of short formsand emoticons is veryinappropriate, while the same iscorrect form when conversingwith best friends.Thus, the above points shouldbe kept in mind while sendingtext messages so that we can getour point and mood through tothe recipient clearly and avoidany misunderstandings thatmay lead to petty quarrels.
  7. 7. Send text Send text Textmessage message SMS
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