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Text from computer

  1. 1. Computers help in goodcommunication and masscommunication is possiblevia bulk SMS service.Different companiesprovide different solutionsfor business purposes atcompetitive rates.One can now opt forcustomized messagesending services which arebest suited to theirparticular business.Everyone keeps in touchregarding variousprogressive steps that aretaken by the managingboard of a company.
  2. 2. SMS Software can be ordered online. Before ordering for one, aprospective client can always see as to how the operation is done via ademo. A simple package can also be purchased at just $49. GSMtechnology used by mobile companies makes one decide on what kind ofsoftware should be purchased by him. When one uses windows to send atext from computer, he can forward to many people at one time. Thissaves time and assures the client that similar information has been sentto the desired candidates at the other end.At times SMS Software allows a person to send messages without himusing the SMS Server. One can go for creating personalized SMSgateways for his messages. Bulk SMS helps in cost effective marketing.Advertising can be done via these SMS messages. While sendingmessages from a computer, a person is facilitated in sending messages topeople whose phone numbers are available in the phone memory. Thesenumbers can be easily uploaded on the computer.
  3. 3. Bulk SMS is usually sent in English language. But Message ServiceProviders have come up with solution for sending these text messages inother languages as well. Unicode characters have been made available to theclients.
  4. 4. Using text fromcomputerservice, messages canbe sent to all themembers present inthe contact list, orthey can be sent toselective fewaccording to the needof the time.One can save thesemessages for futurereference in differrent templates.
  5. 5. SMS software for sending messages is available for differenttypes of computer applications. One can find it to be compatiblewith Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, WindowsVista, Windows Server 2003 Windows XP etc.Message software requires good memory spaceof about 256 MB RAM, free space on the hard disk, it could bearound 10 MB and a processor of Pentium class or of a higherlevel. Not only computers but phones too can be fitted with suchbulk messaging software.Mobile phones which are based on Windows have differentsoftware from that of one which is used by Android Phones orBlackberries etc. Windows Software uses PDA, windows mobilephone and pocket pc for sending bulk messages. WindowsGateway is not required out here. You can create a personal SMSgateway.
  6. 6. One can also do without aninternet connection in thisparticular instance. A messagesender can make use of DelayedDelivery option with thisparticular software. SMSs can bestored and viewed in differenttemplates at a later time.Mass messages are sent bybusinessmen via Blackberryphones. No particular type ofhardware is used for sendingmessages. Free trial downloadfacility is available for this phoneonline.
  7. 7. sms gateway text smsmessage software text from computer
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