Sms from email the new trending in business communication


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Sms from email the new trending in business communication

  1. 1. SMS from Email: the new trending in business communication
  2. 2. SMS from Email: the new trending in business communication Business has become more profitable with email-based SMS service. Email sending application allows messages in thousands to be delivered to the intended persons within no time. One need not retype a message again and again. Contact numbers need not be searched and fed to send the messages since all the data regarding the numbers and names of employees in a particular organization is already available in the Computer. A text message software provider makes it possible for its users to receive a forwarded message on the mobile even when he is not sitting at his computer. Email SMS service does not bring value added product services from this company. Email SMS is compatible with all computers and all email programs. The product is User friendly and helps anyone to send SMS alerts. All US carriers can receive messages through this Email service.
  3. 3. SMS from Email: the new trending in business communication Specific clients are provided with special offers that cater to their particular needs using a SMS server. Several gateway services see to it that messages are delivered all over the world and to all carriers in an efficient manner. Many people prefer the use of TWM Platform. There is provision for Shared Short Code/ Keylink; there are dedicated short and long codes. Short codes carry messages to customers of a company, its staff members and other contacts which are necessary to run the business. One can select from the many text messaging products that are offered. Text messaging is possible for appointment reminders, urgent news items, and urgent updates and staff communication messages. SMS messaging products offered make things run smoothly. Email messages are sent via Outlook and Lotus Notes whereas the SMS alerts can be sent through the web-enabled application. This way of communicating is very good for businesses which have limited internet services for its staff members.
  4. 4. SMS from Email: the new trending in business communication SMS from email allows bigger texts. Short emails as texts are allowed by many carriers through SMS gateways. These gateways could be free service or connected to a bigger messaging company. Virgin Mobile USA, US Cellular, Verizon, Boost Mobile, Nextel, Sprint PCS and T-Mobile etc. are US carriers which allow email SMSs to be sent to them. A good Messaging company offers good quality software to its clientele in all types of text messaging, but Email service goes its own way. Email SMSs are more economical, they are timely in nature and simple to send. With Email messaging you can send short letters to your clients, to some extent you can state the purpose of sending the mail SMS. Good will is generated through Email messages, you manage to retain your old contacts and make new ones as well. Emails allow for more features to be added to the messages. Small attachments too can be forwarded with these messages. No special web browser is required to send a text message. There is more storage space for sent messages, unlike a mobile phone. You can refer back to these text messages at any time. Text messages can also be re-forwarded if need arises.
  5. 5. SMS from Email: the new trending in business communication Text messaging software pc sms text messaging services sms from email email to sms
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