Render, texture coating and roof paint for a beautiful & protected home


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Render, texture coating and roof paint for a beautiful & protected home

  1. 1. Building your dream homeis not an easy task, evenwhen you hire someoneelse to do it. You wouldlike a house that providesstrength and protectionagainst adverse weatherand one that can stand thetest of time. You wouldenjoy not having to paint itevery 3-4 years or havingmaintenance and repairwork done on it regularly.
  2. 2. This can be made possibleif proper attention is paid toa few important externalfeatures of the home.Render, roof paint andtexture coating are threeimportant elements of theexterior of your home thatcan help make your homemore attractive but at thesame time provide betterprotection against a numberof elements.
  3. 3. The process of applying a thick mixture ofsand, cement and lime plaster on theexterior walls of your home is called render.It can be applied on concrete, bricks, stonesor mud bricks. Depending on our preferenceit can be fine or coarse, textured or smooth,natural or coloured, pigmented or evenpainted. At present, even technology isavailable to add polymers to the rendermixture to make it stronger, more waterresistant, increase its flexibility, etc.Different tools are used and numerous stylesof render are practiced worldwide accordingto the local weather and home trends.
  4. 4. Another good option and one that is veryprominent these days is texture coating. It can beapplied on concrete or cement panels, bricks,blocks, masonry, metal, plastic and woodensurfaces. It is very similar to render but in itspecial systems of polymers and elastomers areused to protect and decorate the exterior walls.Other chemicals like fibres, mica, titaniumdioxide, colouring agents, etc. can be added togive it enhanced properties and betterperformance. It ensures that your exterior wall hasa long lasting protection against all weather,proper insulation, colour retention as well as goodappeal to all eyes.
  5. 5. Now that the external walls are protected, let us take a lookat the top of the house: the roof. Roof paint solutions helpprotects your building from all the natural and man-madeelements like sun, wind, rain, frost, pollution and dirt. Butalong with protection, the roof paint can also make ourhomes energy efficient. The colour and material in thepaint has special thermal and reflective properties thatallow it to reflect a larger percentage of the sunlightconsisting of UV and infrared waves. This helps keep thehouse cooler in the summer and thereby saving energy onair conditioning and cooling. Roof painting mixed withusing metal, cement tiles, asbestos or other material forroofing can help create a strong structure that is waterresistant as well as energy efficient.
  6. 6. Hence we can see the numerous benefits that render, texture coatingand roof painting provides to your home:• Resistance to water: water leakages cause maximum damage to homes• Strong and durability: it will not chip, flake or peel• Protection against fungi and infestation• Energy efficiency: thermal and reflective properties keep your home cooler, naturally• Maintenance Free: it durability helps avoid any cracks or problems on the external surface• Appealing: Its beautifies your external walls into a picture perfect home• Savings: As you won’t have to get your house painted every few years and less maintenance, it is only reasonable to say that you would save a lot of money
  7. 7. RenderWaterproofing Roof Paint Texture Coating
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