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Christopher Sabec's Music Career - Dave Matthews, Hanson, Jerry Garcia


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Christopher Sabec has an extensive career as a music industry entertainment lawyer. He has represented such acts as the Dave Matthews Band, Hanson, and Jerry Garcia.

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Christopher Sabec's Music Career - Dave Matthews, Hanson, Jerry Garcia

  1. 1. As an entertainment lawyer, Christopher Sabec has represented various music professionals in the industry. His most notable clients are The Dave Matthews Band, Hanson, and Jerry Garcia.
  2. 2. In 1993, Christopher moved to Richmond, Virginia. His first night, he went to check out a band that his friend recommended at his local club. That band was the Dave Matthews Band.
  3. 3. One thing lead to another and Dave Matthews asked Mr. Sabec to represent him in his contract negotiations. This was the moment in when Mr. Sabec realized he could combine his love of music with his career, and thus began his illustrious career as an entertainment lawyer and manager.
  4. 4. In March of 1994, Mr. Sabec was at a one of the closing softball games at the South by Southwest Conference where he found three blond kids with beautiful voices. These kids were the Hanson brothers.
  5. 5. Two years of fostering these brothers’ development, Christopher helped Hanson sign to Mercury Records in July of 1996.
  6. 6. When Mr. Sabec gained some clout in the entertainment industry, he was able to work as a consultant for two Grateful Dead projects in August of 2000.
  7. 7. One was a licensing deal for a film shot at a series of concerts with The Band and Janis Joplin. The other was an agreement with Rhino Records for a retrospective box set of their recordings for Warner Brothers Records.
  8. 8. Christopher Sabec ultimately became a representative for Jerry Garcia.