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PS 101 Interest Groups


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Slideshow prepared for a series of presentations on the role of interest groups in American politics for PS 101 American Government at the University of Kentucky, Spring 2008. Dr. Christopher S. Rice, Lecturer.

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PS 101 Interest Groups

  1. 1. Interest Groups Dr. Christopher S. Rice
  2. 2. Interest Groups Organizations that try to shape public policy by influencing the behavior of political decision-makers.
  3. 3. Interest groups are important instruments to attain democracy and serve the public interest (cc) 2007 Flickr user Flyover Living
  4. 4. 3 Types of Interest Groups
  5. 5. Public Interest Groups (citizen groups)
  6. 6. (cc) 2007 Flickr user williamhartz Interests that are connected to the general welfare of the community