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Business Etiquette for freshers including etiquette for interview, introduction, grooming & communication.

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Business etiquette

  1. 1. Business Etiquette By, Sampada Harshe DMS Pondicherry University
  2. 2. Interview Etiquette• Do a complete study on the company profile• Keep your questionnaire ready• Dress for the occasion• Have your file updated & ready to be presented• Reach the location 15 min early• Do a 30 sec self check before entering the room• Greet the panelist, addressing their name with handshake• Reply to them with confidence
  3. 3. • Do check your posture & gesture• Jot down all important points discussed in interview• Write a thank you letter• Follow up with a phone callGeneral Etiquette Proper Handshake
  4. 4. Types of Hand Shakes Pull in Finger squeezer Limp fishBone crusher Palm pinch 2 handed shake
  5. 5. Introducing people Lower rank person is introduced to higher rank Higher rank person’s name comes first When introducing client to boss - name of customers is first Younger people are introduced to elders In social gathering – do not forget to introduce the spouse along with the guest The basic of business introduction is – rank & then age, not gender
  6. 6. Self Introduction Always stand when introducing yourself Introduce yourself with full name Do not use title (like Mr. /Ms.) Mention your company’s name Offer you business card When introducing your spouse, take special care if the last names are not same Always stand when being introduced
  7. 7.  Accept the introduction with a “How do you do” or “I’m pleased to meet you” reply Do wear a gentle smile in response to introductionHow to remember names Repeat the person’s name a few time after you are introduced Use the person’s name to address him or use his name immediately in conversation to remember it Introduce that person to another person you know
  8. 8.  Jot down the person’s name If you forget name while introducing a person, admit it. “I remember meeting you but I am not recalling your name”.Exchanging Business Cards Carry your business cards in a folder when going for a business meeting Make sure your business card is up to date Offering & accepting business cards with both the hands
  9. 9.  Do not put the business card in pocket soon after you receive it Pay 3-5 seconds to acknowledge itGrooming EtiquetteArt of Grooming for Men Conservative dark color business suits Full sleeved light shaded shirt Color of tie must be in sync with the color of shirt
  10. 10.  Color of shoes and belt must match & must go with the suit Socks should be one shade lighter than trousers Do not wear bracelets, earrings, large rings or flashy wrist watch Pay attention to personal hygiene Art of Grooming for Women Dress up so that it doesn’t attract more attention than what you are speaking Dark conservative suits with full sleeved shirt
  11. 11.  Wear well polished shoes matching with the color of suit Simple business makeup Tie your hair neatly & off the face Wear limited conservative jewelry Pay attention to personal hygieneBody LanguageSigns of Positive Body Language Eye contact Head movement
  12. 12.  Posture Sitting straight without slouch Walk with grace & ease Smile oftenSigns & MeaningDefensive Dejection Aggression Nervousness
  13. 13. contd.. Brisk erect walk  Confidence Foot kicking  Boredom Tapping fingers  Impatient Playing with hair  Lack of Confidence Shuffling feet while seated  Anxious to leave situation Looking down with face  Disbelief turns awayEtiquette at work Be punctual Always arrange a meeting room when meeting a client or any other outsider
  14. 14.  Keep your cabin/desk clutter free Use company assets carefully Be conscious about your pitch/volume while you speak Treat sub ordinates with respect Ask others to do things rather than tell them Use name to address peers Don’t read any document, letter, card, etc on someone’s desk unless given to you Don’t touch /take things in someone’s office without permission
  15. 15.  Always give feedback privately, politely, precisely & promptly Always take feedback professionally, politely, positively & appropriatelyCommunication EtiquetteE-mail Etiquette Use official e-mail id carefully Be concise & to the point. Don’t attach too many attachments Answer swiftly Use meaningful subject line
  16. 16.  Use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, abbreviations, structure & layout Use templates for frequently used responses Use Cc and BCC option carefully Don’t overuse reply to all option Don’t overuse high priority option Don’t leave out the message thread Read & compile before you send it
  17. 17. Phone Etiquette Pick up the phone with in 3 rings Answer calls professionally Keep ringer volume low Use speaker option only when a group of people are involved in the call, e.g. conference call & keep the people at other end informed If away from phone for extended period, do feed a simple & professional message informing your date of return When at work always keep your mobile phone on silent- vibrating mode