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A Whistle Stop Introduction to NFC


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Published in: Technology, Business
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A Whistle Stop Introduction to NFC

  1. * Yup, this has been adapted from the content delivered atSMC_MCR to make it more suitable for online viewing @CHRIS_HACKETT
  2. What is NFC? A set of standards which define the exchange of data via radio within close proximity Two active devices (phones) can exchange data bi- directionally. Active devices (phone) can read passive devices (tags) NFC Record Type Definition’s (RTD) define a set of well know data types for exchange  Text  URI  Generic Control  Smart poster (Text +URI)  Connection Handover @CHRIS_HACKETT
  3. Why do we keep hearing about if? (for years) Builds on RFID which is now secretly all around us  M & S (Stock tracking)  Car park tokens / Building access Cheep tags  For many applications at the point of disposable pricing  Small and can be put into many product Financial  Mobile payments  £233b (2011) annual UK Credit/Debit spend The UK Cards Association  Who would like a % of this? @CHRIS_HACKETT
  4. Eureka Moment Hype, doesnt seem anything special Until … A NFC phone, as an active device, can write on blank tags. Now its interesting @CHRIS_HACKETT
  5. So …  A mobile is a fully fledged writer  Relatively abundant resource  In everybodys pocket App Store  Complemented with the app eco system  Quick to market  Low cost/freeWhat will you get?  Ideas take off or fail fast  And throw in some excited developers  The talent to push NFC further @CHRIS_HACKETT
  6. Problems  Critical mass  Need high penetration to have momentum  Security  More down to the implementation!  One bad design could tarnish all NFC  User understanding  How to make it so people know what to do  Make it as easy as seeing a ‘Free WiFi’ sign  User knows what to do @CHRIS_HACKETT
  7. Further reading - NFC Forum - Own the spec - Licence the ‘N’ Mark - Android APIGOTO - Baked into ICS - Intro into android implementation - RapidNFC - Wide selection of NFC tags - UK based - Starter packs £6.25 – £49.95 - Guide on which chip version to buy @CHRIS_HACKETT
  8. Questions? @CHRIS_HACKETT