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Verge Sell Sheet and Sales Letter


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Copywriter for sales letter to be mailed with sell sheet provided by client. Sell sheet posted for context only.

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Verge Sell Sheet and Sales Letter

  1. 1. Dear prospective advertiser: As you may recall from the, uh, shall we say, interesting decade known as the ’70s, the quirky synth-pop band, Devo, had posed the following defiant, yet facetious question: “Are we not men?” Well, let’s just say that while the members of Devo felt they jokingly needed to ask themselves such a question, the typical Verge reader would never have posed the question in the first place. Here’s why: The primary Verge demographic is a 21-34-year-old male. And if there’s one thing we know about our male audience, it’s that they’re into, well, guy stuff — you know, cool gear, slick gadgets, and all kinds of funky items that fit into their adventurous lifestyles — from laptops to home theater systems, to pagers and cell phones, to waverunners and athletic shoes, to mountain bikes and muscle cars. Obviously, these guys want their boy-toys, but they’re only interested in how new technology affects them personally. In other words, they don’t care what the product can do, they care what the product can do for them. And while most niche magazines tend to focus exclusively on the product, Verge focuses exclusively on how the product will better the active man’s lifestyle. We’re talking about a man with serious purchasing power, a man on the Verge of buying a new DVD player, a new laptop, a motorcycle, or a digital camera. Our loyal male audience is on the Verge of buying your product! And that brings us to the most important point of all. Verge will help you increase awareness and Grow Your Business. When you get a chance, please take a look at the attached media kit. Notice how Verge has a cool look, a great feel, a sense of style, lifestyle, and irreverence. Verge is a magazine for men that covers the state of the art of everything a 21-34-year-old male could ever want. Which means that Verge is actually on the Verge of being the only magazine of its kind. I’d love to schedule a meeting to discuss your advertising goals, so that we at Verge can devise a strategy that’ll help you reach your goals more effectively. Thanks so much for your time. I’ll follow-up with you soon. Sincerely, [Insert Name] VP/Publishing Director Verge