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Python - A Mobile Perspective


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An introduction to the PythonCE project - a port of Python to Windows Mobile and Windows CE powered devices.

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Python - A Mobile Perspective

  1. 1. Python – A mobile perspective Christopher Fairbairn ARANZ Medical Ltd
  2. 2. Who Am I?
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
  5. 5. Why Mobile Development?
  6. 6. Why Windows Mobile? • Strong enterprise story • Excellent device compatibility • Established product
  7. 7. Why Python? •Read-Eval-Print Loop •Small Edit •Efficient •Popular! Debug Compile •Excellent modules Deploy
  8. 8. Development Challenges •Less resources •Slower execution •Memory Management is critical •Users are less forgiving
  9. 9. Current state of affairs •Python 2.5 •Partially merged into CPython trunk •SCONS based build environment
  10. 10. Future Directions •Python 2.6 or 3? •Fully integrated into trunk •Use standard build environment •Better POSIX support •More polish
  11. 11. Remote Console •Long typing sessions on a PDA are painful •Really portable Python!
  12. 12. What do I need to relearn?
  13. 13. User Interface Frameworks •VensterCE •Pocket PC GUI (PPyGui) •wxPython •TkInter (TCL/TK)
  14. 14. PyGame
  15. 15. PyS60 emulation •Run Python S60 applications on Windows Mobile devices •Very early proof of concept • Minimal appuifw module • Functional e32 module •Built on top of PPyGui
  16. 16. Call to action •Has this sparked an interest in anyone? •Do you have development expertise or time to contribute? Website:
  17. 17. Contact Information Christopher Fairbairn ARANZ Medical Ltd Questions? Email: Website:
  18. 18. Interested in presenting? Have you investigated IronPython? Would you like to share your experience? Website: