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The Siege of Tyre - Alexander the Great


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Short presentation with some great visual resources to show the change Alexander wrought on Tyre.

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The Siege of Tyre - Alexander the Great

  1. 1. The Siege of Tyre
  2. 2. Basic Facts  January to July of 332 B.C.  Tyre held 40,000 people (approx)  Alexander attempted to conquer through Diplomacy  Tyre is about 1km off shore.  60m walls  Had withstood every siege before Alexander.
  3. 3. Primary Sources  Quintus Curtius Rufus − 6,000 fighting men killed − 30,000 citizens sold into slavery − 2,000 crucified on the beach  Arrian − Massacred 8,000 Tyrians − 30,000 citizens sold into slavery
  4. 4. Alexander's Religion and Rules of Engagement  Alexander asked to sacrifice at the temple of Melkat. − A god he identified with Herakles. − He was refused twice and his messengers were murdered and thrown over the city walls.  Tyrians additionally executed captured soldiers in view of the attacking army.  Anyone taking shelter in the temple was spared.