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Swipp plus overview for marketers


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Swipp Plus provides marketers and social media managers a new set of capabilities for engagement, sentiment analysis and customer insight.

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Swipp plus overview for marketers

  1. 1. Engagement, sentiment and customer insight tools.Introducing ...
  2. 2. Problem: Existing social marketing approachesnot living up to their promise1 - - -
  3. 3. It turns outfinding out who caresabout your brandis hard to do.
  4. 4. Customers may “like” brand pages,but no real insight
  5. 5. Social listening solutions arenotoriously poor at analyzingsentiment.“This real failing of automatedsentiment analysis can cause realproblems for brands, especially if theyare basing any internal workflow orprocesses on the basis of socialmedia monitoring.”Research: source:
  6. 6. Polls and surveys have theirown issues“Emotion Mining - Capturing, Understanding, and Leveraging the Emotions Underpinning Brand Behavior” :“Surveys and Their Problems” :“Why We Need to Avoid Long Surveys” :
  7. 7. Watch the video
  8. 8. Simple, structured social intelligenceTrack topics related to your business, and gauge sentiment at aglance with the Swipp Plus data viewer.The Swipp Plus widget can easily be added to any blog,website, or campaign.Iterate faster. Refine yourcommunications to changethe outcome.
  9. 9. Swipp Plus turns everycustomer touch pointinto a conversation.
  10. 10. Start a smarter approach to marketingMake your communications moreeffective and efficient with the abilityto listen, respond, and react to theaudiences you want to reach.
  11. 11. SocialIntelligenceMarketingSwipp allowsmarketers tobuild socialintelligence intoevery customertouchpoint
  12. 12. Swipp widgets can be integrated intoany channelCapture timely feedback. Find outhow people think and feel at themoment they see your content.Embed them in maps.Create and embed a Swipp widgetby adding a few lines of Javascript toany existing web page.
  13. 13. Pure signal, no noiseUser defined sentiment Get an aggregated view of sentimentaround any topic, regardless of theuser’s language.See your products, brands andcompetitors sentiment over-timeFull sentiment spectrumwith every topic
  14. 14. Smart, simple way to gather feedback
  15. 15. Features• Swipp Plus puts data you can use at your fingertips, withsentiment you can read at a glance. See how your websites,emails, and other communications are performing without theneed for costly and time-consuming analysis.• Explore powerful data dashboards for each implementation.• See who your customers are and how they feel about you.• Detailed analytics about how your products are performing.
  16. 16. Swipp Plus is easy toimplement.
  17. 17. Creating a widget is simple
  18. 18. For more information please
  19. 19. What people are sayingthe immediate feedback on what theworld is thinking and saying about thesame topic.“— Jennifer Zaino”What if you could see at a glancewhat the world thought about every-thing: from gun control to the newestlatte at Starbucks?“— Emily Price”Swipp appeals to people wanting toknow how other people have weighedin on topics, but even more so forcompanies wanting to know whatconsumers are feeling and thinking,“— Andrea Ozretic”Far more valuable is the platformitself, a global interconnected socialback end that could be used for farmore than a rating system.“— Tom Foremksi— Ryan Tate
  20. 20. The companySwipp is a privately held company based in Mountain View,California serving customers in 169 countries providing socialintelligence tools based on its powerful platform.The company was founded by Silicon Valley veterans Don Thorson,Charlie Costantini and Ramani Narayan in 2011 and is funded byOld Willow Partners.
  21. 21. Questions?Christopher CarfiEmail: business@swipp.comPhone / Fax: +1 (650) 933-5555Swipp Inc.2513 E Charleston Rd, Suite 102Mountain View, CA