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Clearing The Air On Cloud


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'Clearing the air on cloud' was presented at the seminar organised by the SingTel Alatum on 01 Dec and 03 Dec 2009

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Clearing The Air On Cloud

  1. 1. Clearing the Air on Cloud
  2. 2. What is Cloud computing?
  3. 3. Cloud computing is more than a computer in the Cloud
  4. 4. Mainframe PC Client-server Internet ASP Cloud Computing
  5. 5. The cloud is the metaphor for the internet Dynamically scalable virtual infrastructure and services SaaS Grid Utility ASP Web2.0
  6. 6. Application Hosting Shared instance of application or software service Cloud computing is not just ..... SaaS ASP
  7. 7. Hosting infrastructure Packaging of computing resources as a metered service Cloud computing is not just ..... Utility Web hosting, enterprise DR
  8. 8. Grid Distributed computing Cluster of networked, loosely coupled computers acting in concert to perform very large tasks Cloud computing is not just ..... Mathematical ly intensive applications – weather forecasting, engineering, biotech
  9. 9. SaaS Grid Utility ASP Web2.0 Cloud computing has elements of all these ..... And more Automatically scalable resources Platform services Cloud middleware Virtual desktop
  10. 10. Utility Computing Platform as a Service (PaaS) Cloud-based User Applications Source: Tim O’Reilly A possible definition of cloud computing
  11. 11. A services cloud computing platform
  12. 12. Benefits of a cloud application .... “ Always” there Can access using laptops, PCs, netbooks, smartphones Don’t need your own hardware Don’t have to worry about software maintenance Can switch “easily”
  13. 13. Characteristics of a cloud application .... Failure resistant Not too security critical Scalable horizontally Not heavily inter-connect intensive Inherently aware of cloud infrastructure
  14. 14. Examples of types of cloud applications .... Processing Pipelines Batch Processing Websites Files Images Videos Indexing Data mining Back office Reports Code builds Testing Web Applications Temp websites Seasonal websites
  15. 15. Cloud application design considerations .... On-demand scalability Component scalability Loosely coupled components Implement parallelism Re-boot and re-launch Use queues to manage system state and integrity Resilient design
  16. 16. Phase 1: Early Clouds Based on proprietary and internal cloud infrastructures
  17. 17. Phase 2: Vertical Supply Chains Rise of new cloud services providers who leverage on other cloud providers
  18. 18. Phase 3: Horizontal Federation Providers will collaborate and federate horizontally to provide more scale for customers
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