Social media marketing presentation


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Social media marketing presentation

  1. 1. Overview: Made by Christophe Polus
  2. 2. My blog: Final posts: 11 Total comments: 11 Pageviews: 317 I find that I had more views when I posted early because people came to have ideas for their comments. My post that got the most views is my first one because it is the oldest one.
  3. 3. My blog =>video Really difficult ( to look at the camera lens, speak alone,…) It took me more than 2 hours (making the text, record,…) 13 people watched my post but 10 have seen it I would have to take more time to study my text better Now that I have seen how others have done it, I am happy with what I have done Personally to be honest, no, I’ll not keep my blog, it doesn’t give me more profit and take too much time! But if I create a company Ill think about it
  4. 4. Facebook I didn’t learn anything BUT my perceptions changed: effective for advertising Can reach so many people in a short time If I create a company I’ll do one personallyAnalytics: false one: no friend, 0 group real one: 953 friends, I liked 13 groups, member of31 groups
  5. 5. Twitter I learned almost everything I will not use it regularly I follow: * Forbes tech news, Guardian tech, techCrunch: I would like to work in the technological sector, so it is good to be up-to-date * Apple News and Tweets: Firstly, because I am fan of Apple, Secondly because I will maybe work for the competitor, so it is good to be inform * Dr. Jenn Guignard: One of the leader teacher of Social Media Marketing of California, if I need some help I know that she will be there for me (I can tweet her) Rapidity, up-to-date Not intuitive, 140 characters is too small
  6. 6. Linkedin I didn’t use it before but I planned to create one. How to manage it? You have to complete your personal data and try to have a maximum number of relations to increase the chances of being hired. I belong to:UCR: Because it is good for an international trade student to study abroad (especially USA)AB-InBev: When go back to Belgium I’ll do an internship there.Coca-cola: Because it is one of the biggest company in the worldI will continue to follow these groups after the class.
  7. 7. Closingthoughts: Really like wikipedia, it`s wonderfull to share collective intelligence but be aware that there are some mistakes. Take-away: great overview of lot of social media and importance of them. I will use them in the future for my company and combine them. But so many companies do that => I have to be different! I don’t know which one I’ll use. But I see it well: create a wonderfull product, create advertising and explanation on youtube, tweet them and be present on facebook. I think I will not create a blog for two reasons: it takes too much time and I will do a wonderful product so other people would create one for free for me (techblogs,…)
  8. 8. Thankyou for yourattention…