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Easter History and Popular Symbols


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Easter celebration comes from different sources. Pagan traditions have a strong influence on the festival.

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Easter History and Popular Symbols

  1. 1. Easter History and Popular Symbols
  2. 2. Two accounts are often provided for the birth of the festival. According to the Christian beliefs, Jesus was crucified after Passover celebration when he visited Jerusalem. When Jesus resurrected from death people celebrated the occasion with grand feasts
  3. 3.  In the pre-Christian Germany, people used to celebrate a grand festival in the honor of Easter, the goddess of fertility.  When Christianity came to the country in the 15th century, this local festival got merged with the celebration of the resurrection of the Jesus
  4. 4. Rabbit being known for its high productivity rate, is the symbol of the goddess. It was a part of celebration of the German festival and the tradition merged with the Christian celebration.
  5. 5. Egg was also a part of the pagan celebration because it also signifies fertility and birth. According to the Christian beliefs, eggs also imply Resurrection of Jesus from death A fasting period of 40 days, Lent precedes Easter Sunday. During this period people abstain from eating egg. So they decorate it for eating after Lent on the Easter Sunday.
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