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Christmas carnival games for kids


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Games for kids make for a fun activity in a Christmas celebration. Gift hunt, hitting the Santa hat and memory game can be organized parks and community halls.

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Christmas carnival games for kids

  1. 1. Christmas Carnival Games For Kids
  2. 2. Christmas Games For Kids Kids love to participate in games during Christmas and the New Year celebration. There are many games that can be organized for kids at indoor and outdoor locations.
  3. 3. Gift Hunt In this type of game, you need gift boxes of different sizes. These boxes will be hidden at different spots in the park or community center (depending on where you are organizing the game). Kids will be given a certain amount of time limit to find and collect the gift items. The child who can get maximum number of items is the winner.
  4. 4. Hitting The Santa Hat Install a Santa hat at a distance from a point. Kids will have to hit the hat as a target with the help of a soft ball. The participant with maximum number of hits will be the winner of this Christmas game. In case of a tie, the game will proceed to the next round.
  5. 5. Memory game A set of articles will be shown to kids. Now the kids will have to run/walk (or engage in other activity) to a certain distance. After engaging in the activity they will be asked to write down the name of the articles shown to them. The child with maximum number of right names will be the winner.