Preliminary Planning 1 - FILM PITCH


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Preliminary Planning 1 - FILM PITCH

  1. 1. Drama & Fantasy-Comedy We have chosen the genre drama because the film trailer will likely have a diverse appeal, specifically to teenagers and young adults, who will be able to relate to each very different characters in the film trailer. Unlike the typical Hollywood-produced high-school life and comedy films, from our research and personal interests, the genre itself will be an appealing aspect; the film trailer will offer various perspectives of high-school in our film drama.
  2. 2. Target Audience Teenagers and young adults, from 13 to 21 years old. The main characters in our film are students in their final year of high-school. They will mainly appeal to teenagers who are also going through similar aspects of being in high-school.
  3. 3. Film Budget The film will have a medium budget because it isn’t a big production such as Avengers or The Dark Knight both of which have a big post-production budget because of CG, special effects and on-screen graphics. It will be theatrically distributed in which our distributor will work with a theatrical exhibitor. This involves physical production of the film prints which are distributed all around the world; however this is being replaced by digital distribution; other creations include posters, newspaper and magazine advertisements, TV commercials and trailers etc.
  4. 4. Film Narrative The five members of the school’s student council encounter a bizarre phenomenon when, one day, two members switch personalities within temporary limited times at random. The same scenario begins to happen to the other student council members and their daily lives become chaotic. At first the students find some amusement among the events but this also exposes their painful scars from their pasts.
  5. 5. Unique Selling Point The storyline offers a twist to your typical high school life comedy films such as Mean Girls and Easy A. It is both comedy and drama which will appeal to different ages, primarily to teenagers and young adults, but can also target older generations because the story is relatable to the mass audience.
  6. 6. Main Events in Film Trailer Introducing the two main characters and other minor characters in the film When the main characters switch bodies They discover that their personalities swap with each of the other members’ of the Student Council Someone commit suicide – but ending is not shown
  7. 7. Main Characters Alex King Lola Haze Mick Schultz Sasha Fierce Winona Depp
  8. 8. The Characters’ Central Conflicts Personality swaps with other Student Council members exposes painful scars and secrets Inner demons
  9. 9. Movie Title The Fear and Desire for the Strange o We chose this title because “fear” and “desire” are the highlights of our film narrative. The title also closely link to the main characters.
  10. 10. Location and Settings Student Council room (basically a classroom) School School off-grounds
  11. 11. Film Trailer’s Pacing Slow pacing while introducing characters at the start of the trailer Medium pacing as the trailer reaches mid time Then really fast to create drama leading up to the suicide attempt
  12. 12. Voice Over The main character is the voice over in the film trailer and is the source of narrative It’s not consistent as conversations in the film trailer will interrupt the voice over
  13. 13. Music and Sound Effects Background music We are considering using: Lotus Flower x Radiohead Drifting In and Out x Porcelain Raft You Can Have It All x Yo La Tengo Do You Want It All? x Two Door Cinema Club
  14. 14. Special Effects
  15. 15. How the trailer will finish Death
  16. 16. Movie Tagline “Life is not what it seems”
  17. 17. On-screen Graphics “Coming Soon” to a Google near you Film title