Dealer rewards presentation


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Dealer Rewards focuses on assisting Dealers in strengthening the Dealer's customer loyalty while providing numerous estimated financial rewards and benefits, inclusive of increases in gross revenues.

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Dealer rewards presentation

  1. 1. Dealer RewardsBE PROACTIVE …NOT REACTIVE
  2. 2. What is Dealer Rewards?It is a fully automated, customizable manufacturer/dealer branded Customer Loyalty Program. This platform will assist you in:  increasing revenues  increasing customer loyalty and retention  reducing advertising costs concurrent with improving financial performance  improving long-term customer stability
  3. 3. Based on qualified purchases, a pre-determined % of dollars spent in the fixedoperations department will be assigned to both a service and sales customerrewards account to be spent on future service and new or pre-owned vehiclesales. Maximum levels are set/established by the Dealership.The focus of your Customer Loyalty Retention Program is to provide theCustomer with a financial motivation to return to purchase future productsand/or services.The goal of maximizing “market share”, thus, your revenues to cover monthlyfixed operation costs are suggested to improve within this businessframework, as the Customer is required to spend all the earned dollars / creditsat your dealership(s).A successful Customer Loyalty Retention Program rewards the Customerin direct proportion to the dollars spent at your dealership(s).
  4. 4.  Reward members are estimated to spend 27-35% more than non-rewards members A Rewards program that builds future rewards provides motivation for the Customer to purchase more Reduce customer discounts, replace with your rewards program Capture Customer emails and Direct Market via Sales Campaigns and Service Campaigns Motivate the Customer to return to dealership =
  5. 5.  Make all customers your best customers. Further develop the existing relationship between you and your customers by delivering consistent, timely and relevant communications. Reward customers when they return for service. Reward customers when they purchase a new or pre- owned vehicle. Recover lost soul customers (win-back.) Respond to competitive challenges. Overcome vehicle sales and service price objections.
  6. 6.  Eliminate Current Service Discounting • Increase Service Absorption • Overcome price objection Retain More Customers When Factory Warranty Expires Increase % of First Service Visits Increase Work Order Counts Increase ROI on Advertising Dollars
  7. 7.  Reduce Goodwill Costs Increase Truck/Equipment Sales (new and pre-owned) Increase F&I Gross Profits • Increase penetration of third party extended warranty sales, as the customer would earn rewards when the company pays for the repairs at your dealership, because all warrantable repairs are invoiced at retail
  8. 8.  DRC platform interfaced with Dealer’s DMS system Full Color Dealer Branded Rewards Cards & Key tags Full Color Dealer Branded Point of Sale Brochures and Posters Access to the Dealer Rewards Centralized Control System Ability to email messages to rewards Members with account information and Customer specials Queries to pull all sales and transactional data from your Dealer Management System A system that provides for updating the Customer rewards account without slowing down your cashiers with additional transaction steps at the time of sale Data management Web Access for Reward’s Customer to access their information via your website Web Access for your managers to look up a Rewards Customers balance at any time Monthly Earnings & Enrollment Reports
  9. 9.  Retain existing customers by encouraging and motivating frequent visits Encourage and reward customers for vehicle sales referrals Eliminate current daily discounting Assist in increasing dealership’s future Gross Profit Margins Reduce advertising costs and/or increase ROI via direct email marketing Eliminate the need to give away FREE oil changes, FREE rental vehicles, coupon books, etc. Dealer Rewards historical data indicates Rewards Members spend on average 27-35% more than non-members.
  10. 10. “… by retaining an additional 5% of their customers, a business can double their profits.” (Harvard Business Review) Focus on retaining existing customers and attract new customers. Increase customer lifetime value. Increase customer retention after vehicle warranty expiration. Build stronger, longer and more profitable customer relationships. Reduce promotional and third party advertising expenses. Simplified customer retention platform without increased internal wage administrative personnel costs. Dealership CLRP is customized to meet the short and long term needs of the dealership. For more information visit
  11. 11.  Dealer Inventory / Loss Damage Waiver Programs that add value • Protection against costly repair or replacement bills • No need to purchase additional coverage • Freedom from the hassles of filing insurance claims Lender Inventory - ADI has the experience to handle the unique ownership of a national fleet Physical Damage - ON DEMAND provides your customers with coverage… HOW and WHEN they need it Standard Warranty Service Contracts can be viewed as a competitive advantage as a Marketing tool with Profit opportunity... we’ll show you how Extended Service Contracts offer customers risk-free or self-insured and self-managed programs Service Contract Administration - ADI can assemble a broad suite of service suppliers to provide a wide range of client needsADI creates insurance programs and business solutions, to act as a truemarketing partner... selling more core product... more equipment, moreengines and more trucks.Visit or call 866.662.0995 today,to start looking into beneficial ways to increase YOUR revenue.