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  • Blackboard 101

    1. 1. Blackboard 101 Fall 2012 Faculty In Service ~ Christine Seideman
    2. 2. Getting Started – What’s Required?
    3. 3. Course BannerO Using the E@T Banner CreatorO Follow this link: 12FA BW101-001W Basket Weaving Instructor: Dr. Ima Wesome
    4. 4. Faculty InformationO Email christineseideman@cwidaho.ccO Work Phone 208-562-3377O Office Location Main Academic Building TBDO Office Hours I’m here 8:30am-5pm and I’m more than happy to work with your schedule.O Notes If you have a problem, feel free to call. If it isnt mine to fix, maybe I can help get you to the right place. And dont worry about whether or not I am busy. :)
    5. 5. Syllabus/Course ScheduleO Use the CWI template emailed to you this summer – please let me know if you need me to send it to you! O Don’t copy/paste from Word. O Do consider using a display tool like Box.comO Make your course schedule is accurate for due dates and when exams will be held. O It’s okay to say ‘things may change’
    6. 6. Merging Classes?O If you have 2 or more sections of the same class you can request that they be ‘merged’.O Send a Help Desk Ticket in with the course and sections you’d like to be merged.O Your merged course will appear usually with in 48 hours. Now you’ll only have to create 1 Blackboard shell!
    7. 7. Assignments/ContentO Click on your Assignment Button
    8. 8. Adding Assignments
    9. 9. Content Types
    10. 10. Assessment Features
    11. 11. Interactive Tools
    12. 12. 10 Minute Play TimeO We’re going to build a content folder named ‘Testing 1-2-3’O Inside the folder create an ‘pretend’ assignment of ‘What was the highlight of your summer?’ O Add a point value O Assign a due dateO Create a Discussion Board activity where you ask your students if they have any fears/concerns about the course.
    13. 13. Quizzes/TestsO Where should I go?:
    14. 14. Selections Explained
    15. 15. Tests
    16. 16. Finding your Tests
    17. 17. Creating a New TestO Pros: O You design your questions in a way that your students are mostly likely to understand. O Lots of different styles of questions O If you make it in Blackboard you’ve got a really good chance it will work!O Cons: O Can be time consuming O Can’t copy/paste from Microsoft Word O Can be difficult to create a large batch of questions to pull from
    18. 18. Building a Test – Play TimeO Step 1 – name the test and provide directions
    19. 19. Building a Test – Play Time O Adding Test Questions O Create the following questions: O 1 true/false O 1 multiple choice O 1 multiple answer O 1 essay O 1 fill in the blank
    20. 20. Deploying Your TestO Go back in your Assignment sectionO Go into your Testing 1-2-3 folderO Select the drop down ‘Create Assessment’ tabO Select your newly created test & click SubmitO Then do your details/due dates/point values etc.O Make it public (or set a delay for release)
    21. 21. Play TimeWe will spend a few minutesdeploying our ‘practice’ test in our sample folder.
    22. 22. Grade Center Setting up Grade Day to Day Uses Center  Adding assignment Setting up grade columns categories  Sending email Creating a weighted  Entering student total scores Setting categories for  Showing/Hiding manually entered columns assignments
    23. 23. What do those Grade Center Icons Mean Anyway?
    24. 24. !! Important Information !!In your Grade Center you MUST add a 0(zero) if students do not turn work in. Thedefault image (--) does not ‘equal’ a 0 score.The - - in the Grade Center nulls the gradewhich means:Someone who has not turned in workcan still pass your class.  Start entering those 0’s (zeros)!
    25. 25. Open ForumO Questions?O Feedback Poll -