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Natural is Not Enough


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Skin2SkinCare, on anti-aging

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Natural is Not Enough

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASEFor Immediate ReleaseMarch 4, 2012 Naturals Not Enough……and what does organic really mean, or anti-aging for that matter? We all age. Theanti-aging market does not make sense as we all age, and we cannot avoid it. Almostevery cosmetic company is talking about anti-aging, but it is about aging youthfully,nourishing from the outside in, as well as the inside out. The key is effective, skin carethat uses the best, most natural and combined potent ingredients effectively that willhelp you look younger by repairing at the cellular level.Skin 2 Skin Care is natural, it is organic, is effective, is repairing, is nourishing, is toning, isrefreshing, is rejuvenating, is healing, is smoothing, soothing and toning. These areimportant elements, as well as knowing that the most effective concentrations ofmoisture enhancing ingredients such as Matrixyl and powerful peptide combinations areused to reduce wrinkles, plump skin, and mend cells.A panacea within the skin care market, Skin 2 Skin Care has achieved what everyoneelse is striving for; or pretends to be. Customers have commented that the products“feed their senses,” and “make them feel alive,” and with use they have noticed thedecrease in expression lines, firmer, smoother skin, and a radiant glow. The actives arepreserved with only natural ingredients, no parabens, no sulfates, no harmful additives.The result is a better nourished, vibrant, healthier skin with diminished aging signs, andwith each day a reduction in lines and wrinkles.Skin 2 Skin Care, “the skin care of the future” keeps your skin connected to youryounger self.For more information please contact:, (760) 325 (905) 582 4313 - end - .