Affinity China's Luxury Real Estate Excursion


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Southern California is home of some of the most prized real estate in the world. It's also one of the best values in world with access to acreage, ocean front property and proximity to great universities and preparatory schools.

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Affinity China's Luxury Real Estate Excursion

  1. 1. Exclusive Southern California Real Estate Investment ExcursionSouthern California is home of some of the most prized real estate in the world. It’s also one ofthe best values in world with access to acreage, ocean front property, and proximity to greatuniversities and preparatory schools.作为世界上最珍贵的地产之乡,南加州赋予了世界上最具价值的土地面积和沿海地产资源,众多知名学府也相伴簇拥与此。Affinity China has cultivated a team of the premier real estate experts in Southern California tocreate the ultimate real estate investment excursion. The 3-5 day excursion is all about accessto the finest properties in the world, luxurious hotels, and spectacular dining.Affinity China特地在南加州当地打造了一支首屈一指的地产专家团队,奉上独一无二的地产投资游览,体验别开生面的专属极致之旅。AffinityChina将带您一路领略世界最知名的地产、最奢华的酒店以及最壮观的餐厅,整个行程为期3至5日。
  2. 2. Affinity China’s Luxury Real Estate Excursion  Access to premier properties including investment properties, pocket listings, excellent once-in-a-lifetime foreclosure deals, celebrity homes and local knowledge of market opportunities.  Affinity-curated listings based on preferences of Chinese luxury buyers, feng shui, view and proximity to top colleges and preparatory high schools  Visit 8-10 homes based on your preferences (or more depending on schedule)  First class accommodations at luxurious Southern California premier hotel  Private VIP transportation with personal driver  Meals prepared by top rated chefs and access to prime restaurants  独家访问南加州最知名的地产,包括投资地产以及未经公开出售的地产,丰富和了解南加州当 地地产市场机遇  结合中国买家的对房地产的奢华喜好、风水以及周边院校环境,Affinity专业人员精心奉上至 尊地产  依据对房地产的个人喜好及要求,可任意走访入册的8-10座豪宅  专享南加州豪华精品酒店  专享VIP私人轿车接送并附上专业私人司机  专享星级厨师全程服务,独家访问世界最棒的餐厅To schedule an excursion, please contact Excursions require at least 30days’ notice for planning purposes. $3,888 USD per person with a minimum of 6 people pertrip*.如您欲购买此次VIP专属游览,敬请联系。请至少提前30天通知AffinityChina安排行程,此次旅程总计每人3888美元。
  3. 3. Affinity China’s Luxury Real Estate ExcursionItinerary行程安排Day 1  Arrive in Los Angeles at LAX  Private transportation to hotel via Mercedes limosine van  Arrive at The Peninsula Beverly Hills  Spa treatment at the The Peninsula Spa  Rest and relax  Meeting with Affinity real estate team to discuss schedule  Dinner at Spago (5 star restaurant owned by Wolfgang Puck) in Beverly Hills第一天  抵达洛杉矶国际机场  Mercedes limosine van 私人VIP轿车接送至酒店  入住洛杉矶著名的贝佛利半岛酒店  专享贝佛利半岛酒店的温泉SPA水疗  休息放松  与Affinity地产专家团队开会讨论行程安排  在贝佛利山庄著名的Spago餐厅享用晚宴,之后于Wolfgang Puck餐厅私人聚会Day 2  Breakfast at the Peninsula  Pickup by Affinity team  Tour homes in Beverly Hills and Hollywood Hills  Drive to Malibu for lunch at Geoffrey’s Malibu  Visit Pepperdine University for a private tour and meeting faculty members  Visit homes on Billionaire’s Beach and in the Malibu hills  Dinner at acclaimed Melisse in Santa Monica - special menu by Chef Josiah Citrin第二天  贝佛利半岛酒店早餐  Affinity地产专家团队专车接送  游览贝佛利山庄和好莱坞山庄的著名豪宅  驱车赶往Malibu的Geoffrey’s Malibu餐厅享用午餐  独家特许走访参观Pepperdine大学  游览位于马利布山(Malibu Hills)的亿万豪宅  在Santa Monica赞誉不绝的Melisse餐厅享用主厨Josiah Citrin度身定制的特别晚餐
  4. 4. Affinity China’s Luxury Real Estate ExcursionDay 3  Breakfast at the Peninsula  Visit UCLA for private campus tour by the admissions director  Tour homes on Wilshire Corridor  Leave for Orange Country  Lunch on Newport Harbor at Balboa Bay Club  Tour Newport Beach and Laguna Beach homes  Sunset cruise and waterfront home tour aboard yacht in Newport Harbor  Dinner at Mastro’s Ocean Club  Arrive at The Peninsula Beverly Hills第三天  贝佛利半岛酒店早餐  独家特许走访参观加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶分校  抵达橘子郡(Orange Country)  在Newport Harbor的Balboa Bay Club享用午餐  走访纽波特海滩(Newport Beach)和拉古娜海滩(Laguna Beach)的海滩别墅  观赏Sunset豪华游轮并乘坐游艇参观纽波特海港(Newport Harbor)的滨江花园别墅  在Mastro’s Ocean Club享用晚餐  返回贝佛利半岛酒店Day 4 (optional)  The option to extend trip for great shopping and golf, or to look at interested homes from the previous days  Breakfast at the Pennisula  Private transportation for shopping to Palm Springs outlet / Re-visit properties of interest  Lunch near Palm Springs  Option after lunch: golfing expedition for men, spa treatment for women, tour of Palm Spring homes, continue shopping  Private transportation back to Pennisula第四天(非限制)  非限制性的游览项目增加了大型购物中心和高尔夫之旅,以及重新走访先前观赏过且感兴趣的 豪宅,可自由选择  贝佛利半岛酒店早餐  私人VIP轿车接送至棕榈泉大型品牌购物中心/先前观赏过且感兴趣的豪宅  棕榈泉附近享用午餐  午餐后可自由选择:独家高尔夫体验(建议男士),水疗体验(建议女士),观赏棕榈泉市私 家豪宅,继续购物  私人 VIP轿车送至贝佛利半岛酒店
  5. 5. Affinity China’s Luxury Real Estate ExcursionDay 4/ Day 5  Breakfast meeting with Affinity team to discuss follow up and properties of interest  Re-visit properties of interest / optional shopping on Rodeo Drive  Lunch at the Peninsula Roof Garden  Private transportation to airport via Mercedes limosine van  Arrive Los Angeles LAX第四天/第五天  与Affinity地产专家团队共享早餐并讨论随后个人感兴趣的地产  再次走访个人感兴趣的地产  在贝佛利半岛酒店屋顶花园享用午餐  Mercedes limosine van私人 VIP轿车接送至机场  抵达洛杉矶国际机场
  6. 6. Affinity China’s Luxury Real Estate ExcursionThe Affinity Promise 100% of real estate excursion is fully refundable upon purchase of home through the Affinity Network based on one person per home.Affinity承诺 凡通过Affinity购买地产的会员,Affinity保证100%全额退还此次地产投资游览的全部费 用。Terms and Conditions  Fees include real estate excursions, transportation, translations and meals. Non covered costs include hotel, flights, visas and optional shopping, golf and spa. (Cost of hotel, flights and visas can be included for an additional fee but are not refundable under the Affinity Promise.)  Minimum 6 people – Maximum 10 people required to organize real estate excursion  Kids under 12 only need to pay half of the cost.  $1,000 non-refundable deposit per person required to secure trip. Must pay remaining fee in 2 weeks to secure trip.  By agreeing to come on this real estate excursion, all houses shown and agents/ brokers used are part of the Affinity Network and cannot be circumvented or attempted to circumvent, avoided, be by-passed or solicited without prior knowledge from Affinity China.条款与条件  所含费用包括房地产投资游览项目、交通、翻译以及用餐,不包括酒店住宿、机票、签证以及 可自由选择的购物、高尔夫及水疗项目(酒店住宿、机票、签证等额外支付费用不包含在Affi nity退换的保证金内)  至少6人、至多10人可组团走访本次房地产投资专属游览  12岁以下儿童只需支付一般费用  确定参加的会员每人需先预支1000美元押金,其余费用必须在两周内支付完毕,押金不予退还  本次房地产投资专属游览所有房源及代理经纪归Affinity所有,未经许可不得恶意欺诈隐瞒