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From Oct 1-6, Chinese celebrity Hu Bing will be accompanying an invited group of Chinese VIPs to Honolulu during Affinity China’s

17HAWAII “要去夏威夷”
presented by American Express

In partnership with the Hawaii International Film Festival

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  1. 1. CHINESE ACTOR, DIRECTOR AND MODELHU BING 胡兵From Oct 1-6, Chinese celebrity HuBing will be accompanying aninvited group of Chinese VIPs toHonolulu during Affinity China’s17HAWAII “要去夏威夷”presented by American ExpressIn partnership with the HawaiiInternational Film FestivalWednesday, May 15, 2013
  2. 2. Wednesday, May 15, 2013
  3. 3. CONTACT:  17HAWAII@AFFINITYCHINA.COM  Wednesday, May 15, 2013
  4. 4. New Hu Bing New 40!
  5. 5. Former member of China National Canoeing TeamFormer editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar Men’s StyleThe first Chinese male model who has shown at theinternational T-shaped runwayThe first Chinese artist who has endorsed internationalluxury brandsThe first Chinese singer who has conducted several vocalconcerts in China and JapanAn outstanding actor who has become a household nameacross AsiaFully recognized for his excellent talent in producing andhosting TV programsBeing warm-hearted, generous, self-confident, intelligent,humorous, respecting others and focusing on detailsHe is Hu Bing, a real fashion icon and leader in Asianfashion industry
  6. 6. Name :Hu BingNationality:ChinaNative place∶HangzhouBlood type:Type BBirth date:Feb.14, 1971Zodiac: AquariusHeight∶1.89mWeight∶176 poundOccupation: formerly an athlete, then changed to model,singer, actor, host, TV program producer and editor-in-chiefof fashion magazineFamily: father, mother , elder brother (Hu Dong)Hobby: basketballFavorite color: blackFavorite artist: MadonnaAbout Hu Bing
  7. 7. Hu Bing as an athleteFormer member of China National Canoeing Team, built fitted body and strong character
  8. 8. Switch from a model to an entertainment professionalHonored as The Top male model of China
  9. 9. Model
  10. 10. Published photo albums2001 Color Me Beautiful、Hollow2002 True Confession2004 Asia2005 NEW FACE
  11. 11. TV series1997 Dream of Heaven1997 Flowerless Oleander1999 Love Talks1999 Life Unexpected2001 A Sad Love Story (Qiang Qiang Er Nv Dao Jiang Hu)2001 Pink Girls2002 Saying Goodbye2002 A Tale of Laughter and Tears2003 Four Women2003 Family Happiness2003 A Simple Plan2003 Comic Romance2004 Beauty Girls
  12. 12. TV series2004 Fatal 24 Hours2005 My Family2005 If the Moon Has Eyes2006 Women in the Modern City2006 Super Mates2008 OL Japan2009 Harukanaru Kizuna2009 Those Beautiful Ladies2009 Diary of Airhostess2010 Darling, come back home2011 Old Stories of Northeastern China
  13. 13. Movies1997 Wedding on Hand-over Day1998 Spring Cactus1998 Charlie’s Angels2001 Snakeheads2005 It Had to Be You2005 Legend of Kesennuma (Japan)2009 Love Transfer Station2010 A Lonely Man2011 The Back2011 HARPOON2011 Jian & Meili
  14. 14. SingerMusic albums1998 True Color2001 My Mood for Love2005 Mizumori Kaori - Aobajyou Koi Uta-EP2006 New Face Hu Bing2007 You With Me-EPSingleUnforgettable Taste, I Will Leave, I Find All About YouHappy Face, True Love, FlyingThe Best Hero, I Only Love the Best, Distant Love,Destiny of Love ,Breathless, Love or Not
  15. 15. Concerts2000 Motorola Hu Bing Vocal Concert of True Color in Shanghai2001 Hu Bing Vocal Concert of ‘Flying’ in Shenyang2002 Hu Bing Vocal Concert of Flying Dreams in Beijing2005 Hu Bing Live In Beijing
  16. 16. Host1995 Toshiba Music Express1996 A History Of Excellence. Golden OlympicMoments (KODAK-sponsored programs)1997 Trendy Fashion World (Beijing)1998 Free Flying: Life In China1999 China Movie2001 IN China2005 Chinese Culture (Japan)2011 Chinese Angel (Japan NHK)
  17. 17. Editor-in-chiefEditor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar Men’s Style in 2004
  18. 18. AdvertisementMICHEL RENEHK Chiaphua ApplianceRed Collar SuitBraun shaverRouse shirtDeBeers diamondMotorola v2088 mobile phonePrince BeerSlek shampooJordan sports shoesBishuang shampooTinsino warm underwearCooperVision Proclear 1 Day endorser in Taiwan
  19. 19. Brands and imagesLouis VuittonWeicon glassesShanghai Wanhao HospitalBRIDGESTONE tyreF1 sports wearKingstar BeerGonghe Wedding StudioLuchen garment and accessories2005 goodwill ambassador of WWF Asia2005 JTB endorser in Japan2005 ambassador on tourism promotion for Miyagi,Sendai, Japan2011 ambassador for Shanghai Bund2011 brand spokesman for HOPERISE
  20. 20. Awards2000 Oriental Billboard Awards Music AnnualMeritorious Newcomer2001 Lycra Fashion Award for Male Actor2002 Award for Most Popular ActorMost Popular AwardTop 10 Figures of Made in Shanghai2003 Top 10 Stars by Sohu.com2004 Annual Best Professional Fashion ModelDomestic Best Idol Singer of Top BillboardAward of Trendy Person in Hong Kong andShanghaiThe Male Artist with Most Unique Style
  21. 21. 2004-2005 Judge of Miss Intercontinental Contestfor two sessions2005 Top 10 of Popular TVTop 10 ActorsBest Idol ArtistsTop 10 SongsGolden Coconut Award ofInternational TV Advertising Art, Sanya, ChinaAward of Figure with Best Value in TVAdvertising ArtAward of Figure with Best Advertising Value2006 Top 10 Trendy Stars in Hong KongOfficially Invited Artist and Torch Bearer ofDoha Asian Games2009 Award of Trendy Model of 2009 BeijingFashion INAwards
  22. 22. Charity2001 Goodwill ambassador of Secretariat under theCommission for the Disabled , Zhejiang ProvincialGovernment2004 Goodwill ambassador for Shanghai Wanhao Hospital2005 Goodwill ambassador for the Children’s Welfare Centerof Shanghai and WWF Asia2005 Green Goodwill ambassador for UndergraduateStudents in Beijing2008 In the Name of Life, Special Evening Party for DisasterAlleviation in Sichuan, live broadcast by Phoenix TVand Sichuan TV2009 Activity of Soliciting Contribution to Maintain the Rightsand Interests of Children, launched by Save the Children
  23. 23. MilestoneIn 2005, when his career was thriving, Hu Bing went to Japan and US for further study...
  24. 24. ReturningAfter studies and reflections in USA and Japan, 2010 Hu Bing returned to his career of performance with a brand new self
  25. 25. 40-year-old BirthdayHe celebrated his 40-year-old birthday with his fans to greet a new beginning in Macau
  26. 26. The birthday party attracts huge attentions from the mediaThe man in 40
  27. 27. The Latest TV Drama and Movie Performance
  28. 28. The Latest TV drama
  29. 29. 2010 Legend of Ghost CatcherAir Hostess’ DiaryTV Drama after learning for 5 years
  30. 30. 《Darling, Let’s Go Home》-a drama about metropolitan emotions and familiesProduced by La feng EntertainmentDirected by outstanding director Luo CanranShoot in Shanghai with beautiful actress Han XueStars from mainland, HongKong and TaiwanThe most vibrating love story in metropolitan familiesBroadcasting in varies provincial TVs at the end of this year
  31. 31. Leading role in The Old Stories of Northeastern ChinaHongKong Director Huang Zuquanjoint production of DongyanqianchengMovies and Benshan Communication
  32. 32. The teleplay was also joined by other excellent actors including Jing Gangshan,Chen Zihan, Liu Guanxiang and Cheng Ye. Zhao Benshan and Wang Xiaoli actedas visiting performers. Xiao Shenyang sang the opening theme song for theteleplay.About the roleAs the son of a rich man, Fang Zhenyu is an honest, sagacious and braveyoung man who has had higher education. He works very hard to run thebusiness of the family, but only to become the head of a bandit due to the crisisat that special era.Fang Zhenyu played by Hu BingHu Bing Leading stars in the TV dramaYears in Northeast(Dongbei Wangshi)Directed by Huang Zuquan, a HK-based directorCo-produced by Dongyang Qiancheng TV & Film Production andBenshan Media
  33. 33. Leading Role in Sisters, Walk On!2012 Hu Nan TV broadcast in Jinying theaterCooperated with Ruby Lin, Wang Dongcheng, Lin Gengxin, Zhand Shuolun, etc.
  34. 34. Latest Movies
  35. 35. In THE BACK , Hu Bing played the role of a lonely man, which was quite different from hisprevious rolesNominated Best Actor and contended for Best Leading Actor ; the film nominated the BestFilms at Rome International Film FestivalLeading Stars in the film THE BACK
  36. 36. Rome International Film FestivalRome Film Festival Red Carpet
  37. 37. Rome International Film FestivalHu Bing promoted the Back at Rome International Film Festival, and was extensively covered by international media
  38. 38. 国内媒体进行大规模多角度全方位的跟踪报道Rome International Film Festivalextensively covered by domestic media
  39. 39. Stars in the horror movie HARPOON the end of 2011Hu Bing starred in the Hollywood-style horrorfilm Harpoon, which was jointly played by theactors and actresses from China and SouthKorea.In the movie, Hu experienced a breath-takingjourney with the heroine and showcased hisstrong physique as a model. This movie isscheduled to be shown in early 2012.
  40. 40. Leading Stars in a road movie Jian & Meili produced by Toshiaki NakazawaToshiaki Nakazawa, the world-renowned Japaneseproducer who won the Oscar for the film Okuribito,focused his eyes on the road movies, and appointed HuBing to star in the new film Jian & Meili.It is the first time for Hu Bing to star in a Japanese film. Inthis new movie, Hu Bing partnered with Naoto Takenaka,a Japanese famous actor. In addition, Hu Bing will presentthe scene of wedding at a church with Kie Kitano, a youngJapanese famous actress. The movie scenes move thestory forward while leading the change of feelings.
  41. 41. PR, Commercial Activities
  42. 42. EndorsementFrequent commercial endorsement makes Hu Bing a favorite of fashion brands
  43. 43. Louise Vuitton 2011: VoyagesAt the LV art exhibition,Hu Bing became the only actor with the new autumn and winter fashion
  44. 44. Hu Bing attends the opening ceremony of Louis Vuitton Taikoo HuiFlagship Store in GuangzhouHu Bing attended the ribbon-cuttingceremony with the new and whiteAutumn/Winter male fashion style ofLouis Vuitton 2011He became the spotlight of that evening with hischarming smile and new fashion.
  45. 45. Shanghai House of Louis Vuitton opened & Louis Vuitton grand fashion showLouis Vuitton’s first Maison store in Asia opened in the Shanghai Henglong PlazaHu Bing attended the Louis Vuitton brand activities for 2 days continuously. His handsomemodeling attracted great attention. As the ambassador of footwear valued custom (Made toOrder), he sent special blessing for this old friend with 20 years of cooperation.
  46. 46. Media Exposure
  47. 47. Attend the YumiKatsura Fashion show at TokyoAs Chinese Top 1 Male Model attend the Fashion show in Japan 2012 ,work with Japanese Olympic Champine and KoreanCelebrity present an amazing show for Tokyo fans .
  48. 48. 2012TOKYO COSMETIC COLLECTION IN SHANGHAIFirst Male Celebrity been InvitedFor the show
  49. 49. TV Hostco-hosted TV program with Norika Fujiwara in Japan 2010 & 2011 for NHK
  50. 50. NHK Magazine Cover story 2011 Sep
  51. 51. Leading Stars in a road movie Jian & Meili produced by Toshiaki NakazawaToshiaki Nakazawa, the world-renowned Japaneseproducer who won the Oscar for the film Okuribito,focused his eyes on the road movies, and appointed HuBing to star in the new film Jian & Meili.It is the first time for Hu Bing to star in a Japanese film. Inthis new movie, Hu Bing partnered with Naoto Takenaka,a Japanese famous actor. In addition, Hu Bing will presentthe scene of wedding at a church with Kie Kitano, a youngJapanese famous actress. The movie scenes move thestory forward while leading the change of feelings.
  52. 52. EndorsementFrequent commercial endorsement makes Hu Bing a favorite of fashion brands
  53. 53. Louise Vuitton 2011: VoyagesAt the LV art exhibition,Hu Bing became the only actor with the new autumn and winter fashion
  54. 54. Hu Bing attends the opening ceremony of Louis Vuitton Taikoo HuiFlagship Store in GuangzhouHu Bing attended the ribbon-cuttingceremony with the new and whiteAutumn/Winter male fashion style ofLouis Vuitton 2011He became the spotlight of that evening with hischarming smile and new fashion.
  55. 55. Shanghai House of Louis Vuitton opened & Louis Vuitton grand fashion show
  56. 56. Hu Bing at the launch ceremony of Early Spring Series of 2012 of DiorAt the launch ceremony, Hu Bing appeared at the site of the event in black, enjoying the fashion show with other celebritiesand elites including Zhou Huimin.
  57. 57. Bing at the opening ceremony of the store of Dior Homme in ShinKong Place in BeijingThe global flagship store of Dior Homme was opened in Shin Kong Place in Beijing. With the exquisitely-made DiorHomme, Hu Bing appeared at the opening ceremony, demonstrating the new fashion of Dior Homme with his excellentfigure.Hu Bing attended the dinner tocelebrate the opening of the store.
  58. 58. DOLCE&GABBANA Fashion Photos Milan 201113 world top male models were invited by D&G to pose for its new fashion photosHu Bing tops the list among the male models
  60. 60. Hu Bing and Lin Chi-ling, a famous actress in Taiwan,pose for the Autumn/winter 2011 fashion photos with a theme of “From China withLove-Shanghai Tang”Both well interpret the Chinese fashionstyle in modern and elegant form“The best matches stars in the History”
  61. 61. Hu Bing and Lin Chi-ling, a famous actress in Taiwan, posed for the Autumn/winterfashion photos 2011 with a theme of “From China with Love-Shanghai Tang”
  62. 62. Hu Bing interpretation of Shanghai spring/summer 2012 series“The Rite of Phoenix"
  63. 63. Hu Bing are working together again, Lin Chi-ling
  64. 64. Opening of the Hong Kong flagship storeShanghai Tang, Chinese luxury pioneering brand, held a star-studded party to celebrate the opening of the new flagshipstore. Hu Bing, as the brand ambassador, attended the opening party, wearing a purple sophisticated Chinese suit withwhite shirt, whose elegant and wise style showed the unique Oriental gentleman style.
  65. 65. City of Dreams 2011: Simply Madonna Exhibition OpenningAs the endorser of City of Dreams, Hu Bing, together with Sandy Lam, a famous HK female singer, and other guests, cutthe ribbon for the opening of Simply Madonna
  66. 66. Hu Bing Japan runway interpretation of the "Style of Asia" themeFamous wedding dress designer Gui Youmei’s 2012 Tokyowedding show was held at the Tokyo Arena CITYHALL.Gui Youmei, as the internationally renowned wedding design,the pioneer of the Oriental wedding design, was known as "thewedding Queen”. In 1964, she founded Japans firstcomprehensive wedding store and organized the first weddingexhibition in Japan. She integrated the oriental culture andwedding design and promoted the development of Asianwedding design. Therefore, she invited stars from China, Japanand South Korea to participate in this prestigious weddingcatwalk, which was a recognition and appreciation for Hu Bing.
  67. 67. Italy designer First Flagship Store in Asia Opening at Taipei Breeze Center胡兵与孙芸芸小姐为台北微风广场杂志月刊拍摄母亲节封面。
  68. 68. Hu Bing unveiled the "relaxation autumn and winter 2012 fashion show" as a"mystery guest", final kingly runway stunned the audience.Engaged in the fashion industry for 20 years, Hu Bing, has always been concerned about the development of the Chinese designer andtaken practical action on several occasions supporting the Chinese design going toward the international stage. Hu Bing admits: " I still felt alittle nervous while waiting backstage.”
  69. 69. Hu Bing attended the TCC unveiling ceremony-Japans largest cosmetics event at ShanghaiJapans largest cosmetics event "Tokyo Cosmetic Collection in Shanghai 2012" (referred to as TCC) took place in Shanghai. As a bridge forcommunication between China and Japan, the activities of TCC in Shanghai was recognized by the Japanese Foreign Ministry as acommemoration of the 40th anniversary of Sino-Japanese relations. Asian popular actress Kelly Chen and the international supermodel Hu Bing wipresent at the unveiling ceremony. Kelly Chen with postpartum full return and Hu Bing will visit the scene, sharing their beauty tips and interact withsite visitors.
  70. 70. Media Events
  71. 71. Hu Bing named the Best of the Best Fashion Gentlemen by Esquire at its15th anniversaryAs the first cover man shot by Esquire since its launch, the personal growth of Hu Bingover the past 15 years also reflects the development of Esquire in China.The award of the Best of the Best Fashion Gentlemen wasespecially presented by Esquire.Apart from Hu Bing, other receivers included Huang Yongyu, ShenNanpeng, Yao Ming, Liu Xiang, Jia Zhangke, Bai Yansong, FengLun, Ge You, Cai Kangyong, Ma Jun, Cheng Yizhong, Cao Dewang,Wu Jinglian and Han Sanping.Hu Bing admitted that, “ I would like to thank the social communityfor their long-term support. In my opinion, the fashion is just anattitude towards life, defining the life with fashion. I am lookingforward to the next 15 years.”
  72. 72. Hu Bing presents the prize to new male model at the China FashionAwards 2011China Fashion Awards wasjointly created by Beijing TVand Fashion Media Group,which is known as the mostauthoritative event of its kindin China.As the first guest presenting the prize at that evening party, Hu Bing presented the prize to the modelwho was successfully selected to compete in the international fashion week in 2011 and sent his best wishes.
  73. 73. Jumei Color Fashion AwardsHu Bing attended the Awards, and was presented the Fashion Award for his matureglamour and gentleman-styled fashion.
  74. 74. Hu Bing unveiled "OK!" Journal of the Chinese versionof Global curtain news partySettled in column as the first mainland actor
  75. 75. Hu Bing unveiled MSN fashion night , won "fashion role model ",declared love fashion but love public welfare more
  76. 76. Media Exposure
  77. 77. Hu Bing worked with World Life on the photos-shooting of ‘A SingleMan’s Journey’ in the issue of July 2011The physical fatigue over the journey will not discourageman’s desire for traveling. Just as Hu Bing says, “ I liketraveling, always ready to start a new journey with mybaggage. I am still looking forward to visit new places”The reason for traveling is just as simple as ‘to go’. Asingle man’s journey can make someone be closer to hisheart, enjoy the leisure time and truly experience theoutside world. I am still curious about the unknown worldalthough I have visited so many cities. “Hi, I am Hu Bing, Iam coming.”
  78. 78. Hotspot, the Issue of July 2011I will return to theinternational model stageat the age of 40For a long time, we haven’t seen HuBing on the TV and film screens.When talking with us, his topics weremostly related to the period of timewhen he served as the editor-in-chiefof a fashion magazine and how heexpressed the fashion as an editor, aswell as the recent stories of workingwith the world-class team in takingphotos for Dolce & Gabbana. Hu said,“ When I am a model, I will fullyrespect the ideas of the editors andphotographers. But more importantly,my cooperation with Hotspot this timeis to explore a different Hu Bing,because I plan to return to Milan andParis fashion weeks this year as aChinese male model…”
  79. 79. Hu Bing works with Hotspot
  80. 80. 摄影:Xiang SunHu Bing on the cover of the Bund in its Issue of September 2011
  81. 81. Walk the Line, showcasing the tough image of the autumn and winter fashion
  82. 82. On the cover of the maiden issue of TOP hotelHu Bing became the first person who graced the cover of the maidenissue of Top Hotel with his mature image. As a leading magazine onhotel brands in China, Top Hotel is distributed to all the five-star hotelsand high-end clubhouses in China. In the cover of the magazine’slaunch issue, Hu Bing showcased his image of a mature man, fullyinterpreting the look of elite business people. Exclusive interview wasalso included in the magazine in which Hu Bing shared his ideas on ‘thebest hotel in his mind’.
  83. 83. On the cover of Numero in the issue of October5 years,1,825 days,43,800 hours,To enhance his acting skillsHe has been working hard all yearroundWhen he returned to the showbusiness, he was challenged by somany freshmen. However, he justsaid, ‘I am old money, I do not needto demonstrate my presence insuch a hurry’.
  84. 84. On the cover of 《GQ Style 》in the issue of OctoberHu Bing was invited by GQ Style to showcase the new fashion of autumn and winter forTOM FORD, which demonstrates the new pursuit of fashion men for the trend whilemaintaining its simplicity and comfort!
  85. 85. Hu Bing on the cover of MENS-JOKER to demonstrate hiswillfulness and trueness at the age of 40
  86. 86. Hu Bing, the most fashionable actor in China, was invitedto shoot for the special issue of December 2011 of GQ
  87. 87. He perfectly presented how to wear the clothes to make it fashionable
  88. 88. Hu Bing on the cover of AD ( Architectural Digest), a world-wide prestigioushome design magazine, “OPEN” home doorhis home designFor the firsttime, AD shows thehome design and thelife of a Chinese actor“OPEN”
  89. 89. Hu Bing on the cover of textbook for men’s jeansHu Bing landed the special annual issue of Mens Health-cowboy bible 2012,whose handsome face, sunshine smile and strong muscles formed the healthysportsman style and interpreted the "forty year old new cowboy” image.
  90. 90. Hu Bing on the cover of HK version of magazine Esquireinterpretation of life symphonyHu Bing recently boarded the famous fashion magazine in Hong Kong "gentlemens Esquire" cover, revealing thementality of his career for a variety of legendary experiences and reciting his own life march. The past five years absencewas just for a better future for Hu Bing.
  91. 91. Remembrance of Things Past, Hu Bing and Liu Wen-two generations ofsupermodels-interpret the love of light and shadow。International supermodel Liu Wen andmode predecessors Hu Bing togethershoot for the Chinese version of Vogue’sMay issue, which was the fashion masterGiorgio Armani’s favorite collection ofworks. Liu and Hu interpreted a movingfilm of "Remembrance of Past Love "
  92. 92. Hu Bing served as Ambassador for Louis Vuitton footwear (Made To Order)Hu Bing served as Ambassador for Louis Vuitton footwear (Made To Order)
  93. 93. Officiel Hommes JulyHu Bing interpreted the Louis Vuitton brand fashionFrom athletes to models, actors, and then to the well-known radio host in Japan ... in the journey of life, Hu Bing has beenchanging roles and doing various attempts. Life is like a trip, you only need the brave spirit of exploration and a pair ofcomfortable shoes, and the harvest and joy along the journey is beyond other’s understandings.
  94. 94. Others
  95. 95. The TV Program “the Power of Public Interests” works with Hu Bing to supportChina Population Welfare FoundationAs the ambassador of “Happy Reading Rooms, Lovefrom 2010”, Hu Bing joined the TV Program of ThePower of Public Interests as a guest to support theFoundation, calling on the general public to do someactual things to help those in need.In 2010 in Cannes, Hu Bing donated 100,000 yuan for theprogram of Happy Reading Rooms under China PopulationWelfare Foundation. In 2011, Hu Bing met with the twostudents who received his financial support, and sang withthem the theme song “Flowers Under the Sun”.Hu Bing was named “ Star of Public Interests:. He alsojoined the Alliance of Stars for Public Interests initiatedby the TV Program ‘The Power of Public Interests”, andwas awarded the honorary certificate by ChinaPopulation Welfare Foundation.
  96. 96. Hu Bing attended the 2012 U.S. Ambassador Roundtable OnIntellectual Property Right discussion – support genuine
  97. 97. Thank you !
  98. 98.