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Affinity China Overview


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Introduction to Affinity China

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Affinity China Overview

  1. 1. “There are now over 1 million millionaires in China.” Hurun Report · “China will have 100 million outbound travellers and become the world’s largest source of outbound travel in the world in 2020. This will account for over $100 billion in spending.” World Tourism Organization·“67% of growth in luxury sector in Chinacame from new customers in 2010.” “China is poised to become the world’s largest market for luxury goods by 2020” CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets“Chinese Shoppers Spent 400% More OnLuxury Goods Overseas Than At Home”World Luxury Association
  2. 2. WHO WE AREOur team is backedby solid investors.The team at our softlaunch party in NewYork City with AffinityChina’s investor JimRobinson IV of RREVentures and DerekMuhs of WARegenerative Medicine Affinity China is cross cultural. Our team and investors have established networks that are connected by strong relationships in China and overseas. The cross border founding management team has backgrounds in Christine Lu luxury, Chinese private club Co-founder/CEO management, retail & e-commerce, Jessica Shu technology and strong relationships Co-founder/Managing Director, China in China and the U.S. Chris Noble Our partners are international brands Co-founder/COO that understand the importance of the outbound Chinese luxury, travel and Brian Hollowaty investment markets. Vice-President, Business Development USA Our early investors include Loeb Enterprises, RRE Ventures and 500 Lili Feng Startups along with a group of Vice-President, Business Development China prominent angel investors. Affinity China has the strategic backing and experience necessary to execute on a cross border level.
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE Affinity China co- founders have established reputations in facilitating high level cross border relationships between China and the West. Our Experience Affinity China’s team has proven experience working with global brands and celebrities to influence the affluent market. Celebrities - Our team has existing and also to make connections with connections and experience creating private clubs, exclusive golf clubs, and promoting events like “Lunch and other venues for hosting our with Warren Buffett”, “Coffee with Affinity China members. In addition Robert Deniro”, “A fashion week to direct access to brands and clubs, experience with Giorgio Armani”, Affinity China has strong relationships and dozens of others. Through our with an extensive list of luxury & expertise with venues and events in lifestyle publications (both online and Shanghai, we can reach Yue Sai Kan, offline) and their editors. Jet Li, Yao Ming, and Mary Ma as well as U.S. based celebrities who Private Events – Affinity China frequent China like Quincy Jones events are unique and international and Halle Berry. Finally, we have with Chinese characteristics. For direct experience with organizing example, in May 2011 we held an events that include visits by Hillaryexclusive event in the Hamptons where 8 of our members and their Clinton and then Ambassador Jon guests enjoyed a weekend stay at a Huntsman. $40 million property on the ocean. Arrangements for this weekend !Brands – Our brand experience includes existing relationships with included a special dedicated chef, Richemont, Moet, Hermes, Armani, wine tasting, yachting with the CEO Ralph Lauren, Swarovski, Louis of Hinckley Yachts, and an opportunity to meet a group of Vuitton and many others.! We’ll be working to grow these relationships, prominent U.S. business people of similar stature to our members.
  4. 4. ·“Chinese outbound travelers havedeveloped beyond the hurried first-timevisits and are now looking for moresophisticated offers.They are willing and able to spend moreif they get high quality services –quality according to the specificChinese customs, values anddemands.”- China Outbound Tourism Research Institute
  5. 5. THE MARKETMore than50% of luxurypurchased byChinese arepurchasedoverseas“There is a shift in Chinese consumersattitudes to luxury purchases, onethat has seen them graduate frommindlessly chasing fashion to makingfar more informed choices.”- Beijing Times
  6. 6. THE MARKET Chinese travelers spent more on shopping in 2010 than any other nation The Chinese are going global. They are traveling, shopping & investing overseas. There are now over 1 million 67% of growth in the luxury sector in millionaires in China. In 2006, there China came from new customers in were 300K. 2010. In 2010 there were over 57 million China is now the 2nd largest luxury outbound trips made by Chinese. market in the world, overtaking Japan in 2010. By 2015 there will be 100 million. Chinese spent $23 billion USD on Spending over $100 billion dollars. duty free luxury items in airports and on flights in 2010. More than 50% of luxury purchased by Chinese are purchased overseas. Chinese luxury consumers are on average 20 years younger than The average Chinese tourists spend luxury consumers in the US or Japan. $7,000 per trip. The luxury consumer spends even more.
  7. 7. Our Target AudienceTHE MARKET One marketing strategy does not fit all. 1st Generation Rich: These are the class of people in their 40’s to their 60’s. Self-made entrepreneurs, who maintain strong business and government relations in China, with a net worth of $10M USD or more. 2nd Generation Rich: The children of the 1st Generation. They will inherit not just the wealth of their parents, but many also are being groomed to take over the business and important connections their parents have built. ! Emerging Wealth Chinese: These are !Aspirational: Spending more than an emerging category of hard working, 50,000 RMB per year, but not high earning, urban living men and necessarily with earnings to match, women, most in their 30’s. They are these are the entrepreneurs, mid-level entrepreneurs, self-made, with high managers, and young executives at the disposable income. They are not start of the curve, who are also the millionaires yet, but they can afford to buyers of lower level luxury items consume –and want to be seen (Bags, Fashion, Some Travel). consuming – the finer things. The “affluent Chinese” that make up our membership can be grouped into four distinct categories.
  8. 8. THE PROBLEM Every luxury brand in the world is courting the Chinese consumer. How will youTourism andoverseas influence them?investment byChinesenationals isexploding;westerncompanies arenot equipped toserve thismegatrend. Chinese are influenced by a trusted network based on personal relationships. The influence is strong within this network but difficult for outsiders to access. Brands are seeking the loyalty of a customer that they culturally do not understand or easily have access to.
  9. 9. “Luxury brands are stepping up theante in China, the worlds secondlargest luxury market, and comingup with innovative strategies to drivesales amid intense competition.” China Daily
  10. 10. THE SOLUTIONChinese aregoing global withart collection.This Chineseimperial whitejade seal fromthe QingDynasty soldrecently for$12.29 million We provide Chinese luxury consumers influence and “face” in a world that was previously difficult to access. We provide global luxury partners direct influence and awareness amongst a demographic that is notorious for being difficult to access.
  11. 11. THE SOLUTION What Does Affinity China Do? Lifestyle: Through Affinity’s partnership brands and collaborators, the Company is able to provide exclusive lifestyle offerings to members that would otherwise not be available. A sample of the luxury packages available includes a weekend getaway in the Hamptons. Attend private yachting excursions with the CEO of Hinckley Yachts. Gain backstage red carpet access to the Cannes Film Festival and invitations to private afterparties, and front row seats to the most propositions is its ability to Access to Prime Real Estate privileged Fashion Weeks around provide a business network for its Properties in Europe and North the world. membership base. Beyond access America: Affinity’s private to its premier luxury offerings, network will also allow members Travel: Affinity China is able to Affinity brings together its core access to premier real estate provide a carefully curated group of members, guests and properties throughout Europe and experience that would satisfy. To VIPs. At the many private Affinity North America. The Company the adventurer, the Company China events held throughout the provides private listings of condos offers exciting expeditions to year, such as concerts, dinners, in New York, Los Angeles, San Antarctica, Alaska and Galapagos. golf events and the Annual Francisco, Las Vegas and Hawaii. For the cultured wine connoisseur, Affinity China Gala, members get It also gives members first look at Affinity China can arrange a stay to network in an exclusive setting pocket and off-market listings in a private historic chateau in fostering long term personal and worldwide. Bordeaux, France and tours to professional relationships that are renowned vineyards. For the so important in Chinese business Access to Educational fashion mavens, offers include an culture. Opportunities for the Next exclusive stay as a guest of the Generation: Affinity China’s Ferragamo estates in Italy. Access to Key Conferences and mission of providing holistic Business Connections: Affinity service to our members includes Sports & Entertainment: The China is able to leverage its opportunities for their children. Company can offer exciting extensive professional networks to Accordingly, tours are offered to opportunities in sports & provide our members access to the top private preparatory schools entertainment. Experiences such key industry conferences and and universities and private as exclusive U.S. Open VIP meeting with management in meetings can be arranged with packages. Other premiere offers various industries. deans and chancellors of include VIP golf experiences institutions. In addition, services hosted by Tiger Woods. VIP Access to Leading Clubs Around such as one-on-one tutoring, tickets to the Hawaiian Food and the World: Beyond what Affinity college application consulting, Wine Festival. Entrance and VIP can offer through its own and test-taking courses are access to the Paddock Club at the channels, members also gain available. Upon graduation, Monaco F1. privileged access to a growing Affinity can also be used as a network of private clubs that resource for internships, top Bonus Membership Offerings: partner with us around the world. recruiter access and resume / One of Affinity China’s key value interview workshops.
  12. 12. THE PLATFORMAffinity China combines high touch and high tech that results ina scaleable platform that keeps its membership base activatedand involved in a number of ways.
  13. 13. THE PLATFORM Combined with our international network of partners in key cities for travel, shopping and investing throughout the world, Affinity China is focused on Chinese going global.