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Public Service Advertisement


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Adapted from Johnathan Chase PSA task, this activity is to make anadvert to raise awareness/promote action for a social issue.

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Public Service Advertisement

  1. 1. Public ServiceAdvertisement
  2. 2. Thinking Relating to others Using text, language and symbols Managing selfDi r e c t i o n s Participating and contributingEach team will create a PSA incorporating asong that deals with a social issue andpromotes a positive action.The music will be the soundtrack for the videoand your task is to combine meaningful andrelevant audio, images, and text that will amplifyand illuminate the songs message and help toraise awareness of the problem and also serveas a call to action. Gathering Processing Applying
  3. 3. Me a n i n g f u l a n dEf f e c t i v e Us e o f Te x t1. Identification of the social issue with text must appear somewhere in the video along with at least two statistics providing evidence of the problem.2. Include at least one Dale Carnegie Principle or quotein your video in a meaningful way. Include at least two quotes related to the social issuefrom people involved and be sure to identify them andtheir position including the government agency or non-profit organization they work for.
  4. 4. Me a n i n g f u l a n dEf f e c t i v e Us e o fTe x t4. Important lyrics from the song should alsoappear in the video. To emphasize their meaningand importance the words should appear in yourvideo at the same point as the listener hears themin your song. Remember to be creative in yourselection of text font, size and style. Again useyour discretion, a good rule to follow whenselecting any content for your video is “less ismore”.5. At the conclusion of the video you mustreference and provide contact information for atleast one non profit organization or governmentagency /program that is working to ameliorate thesocial issue through positive actions and is also agood source of information and resources. If youwant the viewer to take some kind of action,include that near the end of the video as well.
  5. 5. Me a n i n g f u l a n d Ef f e c t i v e Us e o f I ma g e s1. At least three images must appear in thevideo providing evidence of the problem.2. At least one meaningful symbol shouldappear in the video. It may be a symbol ofcultural and historic significance. The imageshould reference the social issue in some way.It could refer to underlying causes or it mayprovide possible remedies or solutions to theproblem.3. If specific individuals, places and events arereferenced in your song, they also provideexcellent opportunities for the use of images.Consider the placement and amount of time animage appears. Use this technique toemphasize certain images more than others.
  6. 6. L e a v e s o me s p a c e , ma n ! Do not try to fill the entire video with content or it will become too “busy” and less effective. You don’t want the viewer to be reading the entire time. You must leave “space” for the viewer to interject their own thoughts and feelings while listening and reacting to your video.
  7. 7. E x a mp l e s
  8. 8. F o r ma t q u e s t i o n s t oc o n s i d e r ...1. Does the text appear long enough for a person to read it? If not can you shorten the text or perhaps make two separate slides?2. Did you consider placement of the text? It is better to display it in a lower portion of the screen so the image behind is not covered or blocked.3. Did you make sure the text is partnered with a specific image and they both appear and disappear together? (The video doesnt flow right when the text remains and the image below goes away)4. Can you read the font or does it blend in with the image behind it? The color, size, and style of your font should compliment the image but also contrast with the background so it can be read easily.5. Did you try to match the images/text with the song lyrics and the music; do they compliment each other or contrast?6. Have you considered the pace of the song? Listen for the drum and bass line so your images are timed to appear in conjunction with the beat of the song. If there is a pause in the music have you placed and timed an image to appear with the strike of the drum or resumption of the chorus?7. Did you incorporate a variety of visual effects and transitions between images?8. Have you considered using darkness/absence of any image for transitions?9. Did you spell check?!*******Do not use thumbnail images!!******When using Google images you must open the thumbnail image and then select and save as the full size image into your project. Thumbnail images will appear blurry and distorted in your video.
  9. 9. Co n t e n t Ch e c k l i s t ... statistics and citation?Did you use text/images/symbols to refer to the issue? Did you include the song lyrics?Do you include at least one Dale Carnegie principle or quote? Did you conclude with contact info for organization or campaign?Did you include at least two quotes and identify the individuals and Did you remember to credit band and organizations or agencies they song at end of PSA? represent?Did you include at least two recent
  10. 10. A s s e s s me n t Sc h e d u l e • Identifies an issue. • Includes a range of visual and verbal Achieved features. • Creates an advertisement that encourages the audience to take some action. • Identifies an issue. • Includes a range of relevant visual and Merit verbal features. • Creates an advertisement that persuades the audience to take action. • Identifies an issue. • Includes a range of relevant and striking Excellence visual and verbal features. • Creates an advertisement that effectively persuades the audience to take action.
  11. 11. Bi b l i o g r a p h y Thanks to Johnathan Chase for the idea, resources and instructions.