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Engaging Students with PBL and Technology


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How I have used PBL and 1:1 devices to engage my students.

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Engaging Students with PBL and Technology

  1. 1. Incorporating Technology to EffectivelyEngage StudentsPROJECT BASED LEARNING
  2. 2. Me!• Teacher of English, music and media studies• Specialist Classroom Teacher• TIC of Senior Alternative English Programme• Seashell Radio covers band• Mum
  3. 3. Why PBL?
  4. 4. What is Project Based Learning?
  5. 5. Edutopia
  6. 6. The 3 CsCollaborationCritical ThinkingCreativity
  7. 7. Projects so far• Edward Scissorhand’s Film Guide• Public Service Advertisement• Surviving Prejudice Teen Survival Guide• The Tempest Slavery Campaign
  8. 8. The Driving Question• Creates a need to know• A challenge• The answer can not be easily googledExamples:• What can we learn about human behaviourthrough film?• What values and attitudes are needed to surviveprejudice?• How can we prevent slavery in the world today?
  9. 9. Discover, Create, Share• Bianca Hewes @BiancaH80Discover: reading, research, learning about andengaging with aspects of the text.Create: producing work that demonstratesunderstanding of key aspects and concepts.Share: sharing the work produced, discussingideas and reflecting.
  10. 10. Discover• Surviving Prejudice iBook• Blooms/Gardner’s activity Matrix• Online texts – The Cay, The Tempest• Shmoop – text notes• Google Docs – class collaborative essay writing• Educreations – flipped learning essay writing• YouTube – flipped learning “How to write anessay” and “Looking good in your speech”ThinkingRelating to othersUsing language textand symbolsManaging selfParticipating andcontributing
  11. 11. Blooms/Gardner’s Activity Matrix
  12. 12. Create• Pic Collage• Keynote• iMovie• Pages• Garageband• Blogger/Wordpress/Edublogs/Google+/Twitter• Educreations• Simpleminds+• Mematic• Wordcollage• Quickvoice• MyJournal• Poetry Magnets• Paper (app)• Fakebook• iTunes/YouTube• Old fashioned pen andpaper!ThinkingRelating to othersUsing language textand symbolsManaging selfParticipating andcontributing
  13. 13. Share• Blogs and blogging with other classes• YouTube• Twitter• Class Presentation• SkypeThinkingRelating to othersUsing language textand symbolsManaging selfParticipating andcontributing
  14. 14. Examples• Riley’s Keynote Surviving Prejudice Teen Guide• YouTube PSA advertisements• Year 10 Character fakebook pages• Eva’s Edward Scissorhands Film Guide
  15. 15. EngagementYes!
  16. 16. References• Bianca Hewes• EdutopiaConnect with