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College connect organizationpresentation_final


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College connect organizationpresentation_final

  1. 1. College Connect: Organization Presentation Supporting Students Use of Facebookfor Building Social Capital around College Going Nicole Ellison * Christine Greenhow * Bernie Hogan
  2. 2. Project Partners: Cross-functionalInterdisciplinary Team Dr. Ellison (Lead Team), Information Studies, University of Michigan  Author of “Social Media and College Aspirations: A Social Capital Perspective” for the Gates Foundation  Extensive experience studying social capital, relationship development, social media and college access
  3. 3. Project Partners: Cross-functionalInterdisciplinary Team Dr. Greenhow (Lead Team), Educational Technology, Michigan State University  Specializes in Ed Tech research and evaluation  Studies social media, social capital, low-income students, identity construction; PI on former Facebook App project  Co-founder & Former Director of Teaching and Learning for a national college access nonprofit, College Possible, serving 12,000 HS students and alumni (
  4. 4. Cross-functional InterdisciplinaryLeadership Team Dr. Hogan (Lead Team), Oxford Internet Institute  Computer Science, HCI, & Sociology graduate degrees  10+ Years of programming in Java, Python and web frameworks with a focus on user interface and social network visualization.  Interned at Microsoft Research  Consultant for eHarmony, Microsoft, Nokia Josh Melville, Oxford University’s Internet Institute  8 years of experience with scalable web design, including PHP MySQL, CSS and AJAX in addition to Java and Python , expertise.
  5. 5. History of Infrastructure forDeveloping Innovation Capacities within and across our institutions  Attracting private support for innovation  Transitioning ideas into sustainable start-ups  Helping with intellectual property issues  Helping identify and broker partners in technology commercialization and licensing Public Relations Offices  Works with faculty and staff to generate press affiliated products, ideas, and services
  6. 6. Marketing College Connect App Potential Markets  College access non-profit programs  Youth organizations  College recruiters  Guidance counselors  National College Access Network Target Population  High school and college-age users, especially low-income & first-gen youth  Caring adults who work with such students
  7. 7. Marketing College Connect App Marketing Techniques  Spread the word via Partnerships (e.g., College Possible, SLC schools, College Summit)  Facebook Advertising  Press releases via our institutions  Guerilla Marketing
  8. 8. College Connect: ProductsOur project seeks to produce: A quality, high impact, widely adopted Facebook app for identifying and interacting with one’s network to build social capital and a college-going peer group Design insights to share with SLC Gates database and other FB app developers/social entrepreneurs Advance the knowledge base on building social capital through social media related to college-going, through publications, public speaking, etc. Help address a pressing and persistent social problem!