6 Best Practices to Align Sales and Marketing


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  • Sales needs to re-engineer their dialogues. Classic consultative selling skills have taught reps to develop buyer needs through the use of effective questioning, listening and the ability to connect needs with relevant product/solution features and benefits., the focus on early sales calls must move from needs creation to needs forensics. Salespeople must use the skills of questioning and listening to understand what the preordained need and preconceived solution look like, the process used to arrive at those conclusions and how committed the buyer is to that vision. If there’s a match between need and solution, it may make sense to move forward; if not, the rep must make the call whether a match can still be found through further dialogue, or be prepared to move on.15% of executives believe that sales do not prepare for sales calls. Marketing doesn’t enable or share Sales don’t engage in needs forensics Service / support focuses on one-and-done metrics
  • Do jointly
  • Tear down silosHigh value content builds preference Forget the product-centric, company-touting Content should be 3rd party,
  • Combine marketing & Sales operations into one team
  • Train, train again, on how to deliver customer experience
  • Marketing becomes the proxy for the early sales call. It used to be reps were involved earlier in the buying process, positioned to influence both the perceived needs and the solutions a buyer might consider. Without the ability for sales to engage buyers early, it becomes increasingly important for marketing to do its homework on the buyer – using research and analysis to determine the tactics most likely to resonate with the prospect. Marketing’s effectiveness will then become evident by how often buyers, when eventually meeting with reps, articulate their needs and desired solutions in terms of your offerings. 
  • 6 Best Practices to Align Sales and Marketing

    1. 1. Christine Crandell President © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017 © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    2. 2. About me … • • • • Chief Experience Innovator New Business Strategies www.newbizs.com Background: – Blogger for Forbes, CMSWire, Salesforce Sales Blog, & HuffPo – Research Director for B2B CX at Demand Metric – CMO and executive roles at Ariba, Egenera, Oracle, SAP, Itron – Lots of awards © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    3. 3. Who We Are … New Business Strategies helps companies connect customer experience with revenue. • Customer experience and strategy consulting firm contributed $2.7B in client value. • Deep expertise in research, experience innovation, strategy, and change management. • Proprietary and proven Sellers’ Compass™ methodology for delivering “WOW” customer experiences. • Unique partnership approach to service delivery that builds internal capabilities. • Practical advice, tools, and training to sustain success. © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    4. 4. 6 Pin Points To The Root Cause … 1. Understanding of Roles 2. Funnel Metrics 3. Buyer Collaboration 4. Lead and Pipeline Scoring 5. Trust and Shared Risks 6. Process and Technology
    5. 5. Root Cause Gap Analysis … Buyer Collaboration Understanding of Roles 3 2.5 2 1.5 1 0.5 0 Technology & Processes Funnel Metrics Sales Marketing Lead & Funnel Scoring Trust & Shared Risks © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    6. 6. Best Practice 1… Customer Lifecycle “Decoder Rings” • High value customer segments • “Outside-In” approach only • Use to spot where teams are mis-stepping and missing out • Do once, re-use many times © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    7. 7. Best Practice 2… Align Everything Outward • Discovery is owned by marketing and sales • Align nurturing, sales methodology, social selling tactics to journey maps • Line up CTAs with tollgates to help buyers internally navigate, faster © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    8. 8. Best Practice 3… Jointly Develop Interaction Maps • Involve customers in creating interaction maps • Jointly re-engineer touchpoints to deliver a consistent valued experience • Use maps as foundation for campaign waterfalls, sales playbooks, and messaging © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    9. 9. Best Practice 4… Document Campaign-toCash Processes • It’s all one process; not two glued together • First, document processes, close gaps and align with interaction maps • Then, institutionalize with technology managed by one team © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    10. 10. Best Practice 5… Train Employees, Together • Define shared values and language • Common, shared Sales and Marketing training on everything • Compensate Marketing on revenue, customer loyalty and won-deal involvement © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    11. 11. Best Practice 6… Comprehensive and Transparent Reporting • Define jointly owned metrics and targets • Focus on revenue, conversion, custo mer sat and loyalty • Help employees ‘connect the dots’ by sharing monthly dashboards © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    12. 12. 4 Things You Can Start Doing … 1. Root cause gap analysis workshop 2. Partner with sales on opportunities: Rich discovery information & ride-alongs 3. Document Customer Journeys 4. Map and streamline hand-offs © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017
    13. 13. Thank You & Questions Christine.crandell@newbizs.com +1.415.309.7017 www.newbizs.com blogs.forbes.com/christinecrandell @chriscrandell
    14. 14. New Expectations Marketing’s customer is Sales Not the Market or Influencers Sales’ role is to be Coach Not as Information Guide Marketing’s role is to enable pipeline leads Not drive more leads Sales must accept they’re not ZMOT 60+% of cycle is already done
    15. 15. What Our Clients Say … “The Sellers’ Compass™ is a unique methodology that guides us through the social business transformation to more effectively enable, engage and establish enduring relationships with our customers.” CEO “We engaged New Business Strategies to create an aligned organization with shared goals. Together, we developed and implemented critical business processes, new systems, and shared metrics and dashboards. We could not have achieved this in less than 6 months without New Business Strategies’ drive and commitment to our success.” SVP Marketing & Product Management “New Business Strategies has helped me and my teams to improve the predictability of our sales cycle, and sell more effectively to hyper-informed buyers. In short, their approach and services work…with quick time-to-value. The philosophy around their Sellers’ Compass™ is so powerful, I have aligned my marketing, sales and support teams to this approach.” Chief Revenue Officer © 2013 NBS Consulting Group, Inc. | Tel: 415.309.7017