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Lesson 8 tin


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Teaching with Contrived Experiences

Published in: Education
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Lesson 8 tin

  1. 1. Lesson 8 Teaching with Contrived Experiences
  2. 2. “We teach through a re-arrangement of the raw reality: a specimen, a manageable sample of a whole. . . When the direct experience cannot be used properly in it’s natural setting.” – Edgar Dale
  3. 3. What are Contrived Experiences?
  4. 4. Contrived Experiences - Make use of a representative models or mock – ups of reality for practical reasons and so that we can make the real Life accessible to the student’s perceptions and understanding.
  5. 5. What are varied types of contrived experiences?
  6. 6.  Model  Mock Up  Specimen and Object  Simulation  Games
  7. 7. Model–is a reproduction of a real thing in a small scale or large scale or exact size but made of synthetic material. it is a substitute for a real thing which may or may not be operational.
  8. 8. Examples These models are in a small scale of their original thing and it is made of synthetic materials
  9. 9. Mock – Up - is an arrangement of a real device or associated devices where the parts of a model are singled out, heightened and magnified in order to focus on that part or process under study.
  10. 10. Example The different parts of the body shown above can be detached and single out so that the learner can focus on parts that he/she intend to study.
  11. 11. Specimen is any individual or item considered typical of a group, class or whole. Examples The picture above shows the specimen of different creature
  12. 12. simulation a representation of a manageable real event in which the learner is an active participant engaged in learning a behavior or in applying previously acquired skills or knowledge. example: election or earthquake drills
  13. 13. Objects include artefacts displayed in a museum or objects displayed in exhibit or preserve insect specimen in science. Examples Artifacts is one example of objects
  14. 14. Game – is another example of contrived experiences. It is an active participation through rules and regulation.
  15. 15. Examples Games makes the class fully alive and active
  16. 16. PURPOSES OF GAMES •Develop changes in attitude •Change specific behavior •Prepare for participants for assuming new roles in d’ future •Help individuals understand their current roles •Increase the students’ ability to apply principles
  17. 17. Why do we make use of contrived experiences?
  18. 18. 1. to overcome limitations of space and time 2. to “edit” reality for us to be able to focus on parts or a process of a system that we intend to study 3. to overcome difficulties of size 4. to understand the inaccessible 5. help the learners to understand abstractions
  19. 19. Thank You! God Bless. . Prepared By: Caingcoy, Christine D. Ruado Janine Deguzman keingael BSED-FILIPINO 2