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Oct Issue Cultural Iq Newsletter

  1. 1. Cultural IQ Stories of ordinary Chinese People Newsletter 中国人物故事 Dr. Kai-Fu Lee 李开复博士 Fostering Connections, Illuminating Insights Ms. Tian-Hong Chen 陈天红 th Issue # 6, Oct.5 , 2009 Message from Christine Gao Dear friends, After a time of reflection and travel to China, I have given a new appearance and revised the content of the Cultural IQ monthly Newsletter. When I returned home to Toronto's Pearson International Airport last Sunday, I discovered that not only did I have to adjust to our chilly weather but also to the psychological distance and perceptions we imagine between Canada and China. There is a Chinese saying "Seeing is believing". Therefore it is difficult to know what China is truly like without experiencing it further through our five senses. Seminars, workshops and previous Cultural IQ Newsletters had provided some “cognitive” knowledge of this culture. Motivated by Daniel Pink, author of “A Whole New Mind”, I am hoping to bring some new insights to you through sharing stories of ordinary Chinese people. A picture is worth a thousand words; a story has a thousand pictures.” I hope you enjoy the stories of the following two people that I have included in this first new issue. In the future issues, I will include stories of professors, politicians, laid-off workers, doctors, lawyers, university students, investors, monks, and artists, from all walks of life. As always, I welcome your feedback, thoughts and suggestions, which I am hoping to share with more people with your consent. Warmest regards Christine Gao, M.Ed, PCC President, Cultural IQ, Fostering Connections, Embracing Diversity christine@culturaliq.com Dr.Kai-Fu Lee Dr.Kai-Fu Lee has been quite a celebrity who received much attention since he became vice president of Google China in 2005. Many factors attributed to his wide- spread fame, one of them being his personal success story that associated his name with world class companies including Apple Computer, SGI, Microsoft and Google. A second reason is that he had volunteered to share his success and served as a mentor to Chinese university
  2. 2. students and young people, helping them establish life goals and gain the secret of achieving overall success in life. Lee was born in 1961 in Taiwan but his parents were originally from Sichuan Province. He moved with his parents to the US when he was a teenager. He got his Ph.D of computer science from Carnegie Mellon University in 1988 and became associate professor at age 28. Lee joined Microsoft and served as President of Microsoft China Research Institute in 1998. Kai-fu Lee is the internationally renowned speech recognition technology expert. He left Microsoft and joined Google in 2005. Although helped Google to achieve tremendous success in China, he left Google last month - Sept.2009 and started his own company - Innovation Works in Beijing. Here below is an interview courtesy of “People Magazine”, Nanfang news. People: What were your childhood dreams? Lee: To become a scientist, like Edison. People: Are you satisfied with the overall life right now? Lee: Yes. I remember when I first came back to Beijing in 1998 from the US, I had a hard time adjusting to the life here. Lot of things were not available then. But now Beijing is no different from any other international metropolitan. I plan to live and stay here permanently, no plan to leave. People: What is your ideal life? Lee: To do things I have a real passion for, to feel excited and anticipating a day to unfold every morning I wake up. And to have a family of love. Lastly, to have some spare time for myself. People: What motivates you, what are you living for right now? Lee: To make the world a different place because of me. People: What is the most important thing for you? A: The meaning of life. People: What are your dreams now? A: To establish innovative products, develop creative people through Innovation Works. People: What are your expectations of the future of China? A: The rise of China is a must, but in my opinion China shouldn’t target only as the biggest economic power in the world. I hope China will become a nation of innovation, more than a world manufacturing plant. China should become a nation of respect, holding social values and behavioral styles accepted by people from all around the world. Ms. Tian-Hong Chen Tian-Hong is lucky in that she has a father who is a very successful entrepreneur. Tian-Hong’s father, Jin-Gen Chen started his own business in 1970s and accumulated tremendous wealth. Following his passion and childhood dream, Jin-Gen started in 1990s and spent 10 years to build the most spectacular private Chinese garden in Suzhou – Jingsi Garden. Tian-Hong was made General Manager of this Jingsi Garden when she came back from studying tourist management in New Zealand. Many people say Tian-Hong is lucky because she was not required to start from the bottom and work all the way up. But Tian-Hong says she worked very hard in the early years to adjust to this new position, and it is also her passion to promote cultural exchanges through the platform of Jingsi Garden. Here below is an interview curtesy of “People Magazine” of Nanfang news.
  3. 3. Q: What were your childhood dreams? A: To mary a charming prince and live happily ever after. Q: Are you satisfied with the overall life right now? A: Yes, very much. Q: What is your ideal life? A: Balanced, work hard and also have time for myself. Q: What motivates you, what are you living for right now? A: Love. Q: What is the most important thing for you? A: Love and the smiles on people’s faces. Q: What are your dreams now? A: To promote traditional Chinese culture through the platform of Jingsi Garden, to further energize the traditional Chinese culture and make it accepted and approachable to younger generation. Q: What are your expectations of the future of China? A: With further economic development in China, all the Chinese people can access more comprehensive and better medical and educational benefits which are essential to peoples’ lives. Please visit www.culturaliq.com for upcoming events and related articles, resources.