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Vietnam Type of Government


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Vietnam Type of Government

  1. 1. VIETNAMThe Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  2. 2. Type of Government Socialist-communist
  3. 3. Brief Vietnam War
  4. 4. Leaders of Country Selection Selected through general national election National Assembly  Council of State  Council of Ministers  People’s Council  People’s Committees  Supreme People’s Court  Supreme People’s Organs of Council
  5. 5. Chairman of National Assembly
  6. 6. Vietnam’s Ninth President
  7. 7. Consent of Governing government and its country Agreement of Government
  8. 8. Can the government changepeacefully?? -In communism, the state controls and plans the economy and a single, often authoritarian, party holds power and all. Works with a lot of authorized group/people -Various ethnic minority groups
  9. 9. Northern Vietnam Ladies
  10. 10. Rule of Law 1920 Rule by Law
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